Are you body confident?

Are you body confident?

A poll from JD Williams has revealed that we feel most body confident at the age of 49.

The Facebook poll asked 2,000 women aged 50 and over when they felt their most confident on the beach and happy with their body and appearance - and 49 came out on top.
Like famous beach babes Cindy Crawford, Liz Hurley and Halle Berry, age 49 is the magic number when it comes to looking ship-shape in swimwear.
Carie Barkhuizen, spokesperson for JD Williams says: “It’s great to hear that body confidence isn’t limited to teens and women in their twenties, but women in their late forties are embracing their bodies and feeling more empowered.
“Our 50+ customers felt most relaxed about their bodies when they were in their forties, a decade when their priorities in their life might have changed."
The study also found that for those of us over 50, being complimented, getting a hair cut or wearing a new outfit were our favourite ways to feel confident.

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