7 ways to keep fit for less

We typically spend £1,120 a year in a bid to lose weight, which added up over the cost of lifetime comes to an eye-watering £58,240.

Among the highest costs are swapping sweet treats for healthier versions, shelling out for slimming clubs and paying for gym membership.

"Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean having to spend, spend, spend,"  says Darren Williams at PromotionalCodes. "A lot of it is just common sense, budgeting and using free resources around you to improve your health." So give these money-savings swaps a whirl.

1. Healthy eating

Stocking up on healthy food like fresh and fruit in veg only for it to sit in your fridge rotting away.

SWAP: Grow your own fruit and veg and pay attention to what’s in season. Only buy what is necessary and don’t be tempted to over stock on fresh produce.

2. Gym membership

Shelling out for an expensive gym membership that we go to once then a direct debit happily takes the money from your account month after month.

SWAP: Start pounding the pavements and take free classes at your local community centre. If you invest in a few exercise DVDs, the classes you pay for at the gym are available at home ready at the press of a button.

3. Gym clothes

We all want to fit in with all the other gym bunnies when exercising but workout gear comes with a big price tag.

SWAP: Time to say good-bye to vanity. Old pairs of leggings, baggy t-shirts and cooling crop tops will do exactly the same job as a £50 brand new outfit. And it won’t make any difference to your workout.

4. New trainers

Seduced by advertising, new exercise phases mean purchasing pair of kicks that you don’t need and sit untouched in the box after one outing.

SWAP: If you don’t like running, don’t force yourself into it and buy the gear to go with it.

5. Exercise equipment

If you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home, buying your own equipment is great idea. Paying a fortune for it is it not.

SWAP: Make your own equipment; a skipping rope can be using for cardio or suspension straps. If you have kids, use them as your weights! If you still want to buy that exercise bike, see if anyone is selling one second hand or check out what voucher codes are available on a brand new one.

6. Fitness apps

Nowadays there’s an app for everything and when you’re exercising they are great ways of keeping track of progress, but do you really need to pay for that when you could do it yourself?

SWAP: Most smartphones come with a built-in pedometer so use that to track your steps and make yourself a chart to stick on your fridge with what exercise you’ve done when. Weigh yourself regularly and keep the chart near the scales. Treat yourself to something when you reach a certain goal on your chart.

7. Slimming clubs

Slimming clubs work if you need to stay on track and need a weekly boost to keep you going. Wasn’t isn’t so great is the amount you pay to be told you’ve lost nothing.

SWAP: If you team up with a few of your buddies who are also trying to shed the pounds, make your own weight loss club. You could meet up once a week taking turns hosting a healthy dinner party at each other’s houses and talk about your progress and offer each other support and advice.

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