5 new exercises to try in 2016

5 new exercises to try in 2016

1. Nordic Walking

It may sound strenuous but Nordic walking is easy to stick to and burns 46 percent more calories than if you went out to walk the dog! You only two poles and then the rest is up to you. You can walk anywhere, parks, through woodland or even down your street. The technique involved with Nordic walking can benefit people with back, neck and shoulder problems, as it as it tones your upper and lower body at the same time. It also helps reduce the pressure on knees and joints, so it’s good if you have specific problem areas.

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2. Pilates

Much like yoga, pilates can improve your balance as well as your overall body strength and flexibility. The actions involved can help tone areas that need to be pulled back, so it will help get rid of any bingo wings and tighten up your tummy. You’ll only need a mat for most of the exercises, all though occasionally they might ask for a kitchen chair. You can also go to pilates classes at your local gym or leisure centre.

3. Aqua Zumba

Aqua Zumba is more than just splashing around in the pool. It’s a low impact workout that has less strain on your joints than a sweat-busting aerobics class. The water in the pool creates natural resistance when you move against it, so it helps you tone your muscles. Classes are held all over the country and all you need to join in is a swimsuit!

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4. Tai Chi

If you’re starting from the beginning, then Tai Chi is a gentle way to raise your activity levels, and it can all be done in your living room. Tai Chi improves general mobility as it increases the muscle strength in your legs, and there is also evidence to suggest that it can reduce the pain of arthritis. The exercise works on transitioning from different poses gracefully and slowly, so there is minimal risk for injury for anyone with joint issues.

5. Line dancing

It’s not just for cowboys, in fact, line dancing is a fun way to get you moving and burn off calories. It raises your heart rate, so there’s minimal strain on your joints and muscles, and its also perfect for people who want to try and lose weight. Classes can be difficult to find, but you can buy a DVD and workout with a friend if there