10 ways to get fit for free

1. Use weights from around the home

Weights are an important part of any workout but there’s no need to splash the cash when household items work fine. Look in your cupboard for soup tins and bags of flour or get creative with whatever is to hand.
Saving: £30

2. Follow fitness professionals on social media

Nowadays there’s no need to employ a personal trainer when Instagram and Twitter are filled with professionals happy to share their tips for free. Also follow celebs who regularly share their workouts for more specific exercise routines.
Saving: £600

3. Get a friend to join you

Finding the motivation to workout when you’re home alone is really difficult, especially when the pyjamas and TV box set are calling. Try working out with a friend as a way of sticking to your routine and ignoring the distractions around the home.

4. Use clothes you don’t wear anymore

Don’t bother with the expensive gym-wear everyone seems to be advertising. It doesn’t matter what your outfit looks like when you’re working out at home so just use anything you feel comfortable in.
Saving: £50

5. Use your furniture

Lots of the best exercises, such as tricep dips, can be done at home by simply using a sofa or chair. Line yourself up with an appropriate piece of furniture and lower your body weight using only your arms for an effective but free workout.

6. Create a space for working out

Part of the attraction of the gym is that it’s a space solely dedicated for exercise. Try doing the same at home by having a room or corner that you always work out in.
Saving: £240

7. Skip to it

A skipping rope is ideal for lots of different exercises. You can do cardio by simply skipping and jumping, plus it can be wrapped around sturdy objects and used for resistance training and stretching. Or why not try toning your belly by hula hooping.

8. Put your goals on the fridge

Don’t rely on personal trainers or other gym members to keep track of your progress for you. Keep track of your progress by recording your body transformation on the fridge and have your exercise plan up there as well.

9. Use your stairs

Step machines are a great way of working out your leg muscles but aren’t really needed when you’ve got a flight of stairs in front of you. Put some music on and do some steps to tone your legs.

10. Teeth-brushing squats

Brushing your teeth at the end and beginning of the day is a necessary but time-consuming task. Use the time to do some squats and you’ll be feeling toned within a few weeks.

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