What is Joe McFadden up to since Strictly?

What is Joe McFadden up to since Strictly?

Joe reveals all about his most embarrassing moments 

We thought Joe danced as good as a pro on Strictly but it turns out he had some seriously embarrassing moments on the show. One memory in particular is so cringeworthy, he still can't watch it or listen to the song he danced too! 

The dance he is referring to is the Tango he danced in the second week. Revealing to the Express.co.uk, Joe admitted he can't watch it or listen to the Ed Sheeran song, Castle On The Hill for fears of embarrassment! 

“They show clips sometimes when I do TV shows and stuff and I just can’t bear it.”

“Whenever I hear it I get waves of embarrassment,” he confessed. “It brings it all back.”

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Why Joe is struggling to find work 

Winning a show such as Strictly can catapult a celebrity’s career, opening numerous doors for them when it comes to future job prospects, especially if they win. But sadly, for 2017 winner, Joe McFadden, it seems he was not as fortunate.

We loved the Holby star on Strictly Come Dancing and were delighted when he won, so we were so sad to hear of this sad news following his success on the show.

In his last acting role in Holby City, Joe’s character, Raf Di Lucca, a registrar general surgeon, was killed off before Christmas but now, Joe is ‘desperate’ to return to acting. Before his role in Holby, he also starred in various musicals including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Rent.

Joe has also been in other big TV shows, including both Casualty and Heartbeat. But despite his experience as an actor, Joe recently commented: ‘There haven’t been any job offers. There have been some discussions but nothing solid at all. I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

We feel so sorry for Joe and hope he lands a role in something soon so we can see him return to our screens.

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