Everything you need to know about Jenny Agutter

Everything you need to know about Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter OBE is one of our favourite actresses, best known for her work in The Railway Children, Walkabout and, more recently, Call the Midwife.


Latest Jenny Agutter news

Jenny Agutter has been sleeping rough to raise awareness for Action for Children

Image: @4JennyAgutter on Twitter

Image: @4JennyAgutter on Twitter

The actress has been praised this week for raising money and support for a very heartbreaking cause by sleeping rough on the streets to support the amazing work Action for Children do. They work tirelessly to save homeless young people from the streets of the UK.

Speaking to The Register about the cause, Jenny said:

“Half of all adults who are homeless first become so before the age of 21. One in five young people have had to sofa surf, one in six have slept rough,” she said at the launch of this year’s event earlier this week.

“One night can be uncomfortable, particularly if it’s cold and wet, but I can go home afterwards to a warm and comfortable home. Action for Children do such great work in stepping in early and stopping young people from ending up in these shocking situations. It’s all about us sleeping out so they don’t have too. ”

You can donate to Jenny’s JustGiving page here.

How old is Jenny Agutter?

Jenny was born in 1952 and is currently 64.

How tall is Jenny Agutter?

She’s a respectable 5’5.

Jenny Agutter’s childhood

Born in Somerset, Jenny lived in various places including Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. She was discovered at Elmhurst Ballet School, and ended up  with a role in East of Sudan.

Jenny Agutter in The Railway Children

One of Jenny’s best-loved roles was that of Roberta – or Bobby – in the 1968 film The Railway Children. If you can get through to the end without crying, you’re made of strong stuff.

Jenny Agutter in Call the Midwife

One of our favourite roles for Jenny has been that of Sister Julienne in Call the Midwife. She’s been in the show from the very first series.

She told us: “It’s the birth scenes that are still the most challenging yet also the most precious and wonderful. We’re often handling real new-borns so everything has to be very carefully worked out and Terri, our resident real-life midwife, is there at all times. I’m often asked if I could now deliver a real-life baby and the answer is still most definitely not! I’ve learnt a lot about handling babies but I’m not an expert.”

What films has Jenny Agutter been in?


As well as The Railway Children (which she recently described to the Guardian as the book which had 'changed her life') she appeared in Star! alongside Julie Andrews, in 1968. Later she was in thriller I Start Counting, Walkabout, The Eagle Has Landed, Logan’s Run, Equus, An American Werewolf in London, The Survivor, The Man in the Iron Mask, Dark Tower, King of the Wind, Child’s Play 2, Glorious 39, Burke and Hare and several more. Jenny Agutter in the Avengers She also found fame with a new, younger audience thanks to her role as Councilwoman Hawley in 2012 in The Avengers, and 2014 in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run

Jenny Agutter in Logan's Run

What TV shows has Jenny Agutter been in?

As well as Call the Midwife, she’s known for her role as Kirsty in The Newcomers. She also appeared in The Snow Goose, Red Dwarf, Murder, She Wrote, Magnum PI, The Six Million Dollar Man, Spooks, Heartbeat, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, New Tricks, Midsomer Murders, The Avengers and various others.

Jenny Agutter in Spooks

Jenny Agutter in Spooks

Does Jenny Agutter have a husband?

Yes – she married hotelier Johan Tham in 1990.

Does Jenny Agutter have a son?

She and husband Johan have one son, Jonathan, who was born on Christmas Day in 1990.

What is Jenny Agutter doing now?

She’s continuing her role as Sister Julienne in Call the Midwife (hurrah!) which will be back for series 7 soon.