Everything you need to know about Ben Fogle

Everything you need to know about Ben Fogle

Who is Ben Fogle’s wife?

Ben married his Austrian wife Marina Hunt in 2006. They met whilst Ben was walking his dog in Hyde Park, London.

Who are Ben Fogle’s family?

Ben is the son of actress Julia Foster and vet and writer, Bruce Fogle MBE. Ben has two sisters, Emily and Tamara and one brother, Bill. Ben and his wife Marina have two children, their son, Ludo and daughter Iona.


How old is Ben Fogle?

Ben is currently 44-years-old

Ben Fogle New Lives in the Wild

This successful series followed Ben’s adventures around the globe, visiting those who live a less-than-ordinary life in the wilderness. The programme ran from 2013 to 2017 with six series in total.

Has Ben Fogle climbed Everest?

Yes. Ben took on Everest this year and on May 16th, he reached the summit of the mountain. Our hearts were breaking for the presenter when he dedicated his climb to his stillborn son sharing THIS emotional message with fans on his Instagram account.

Ben opens up about his Everest climb

Ben after reaching the summit of Everest. @benfogle Instagram 

Ben after reaching the summit of Everest. @benfogle Instagram 

Does Ben Fogle have Instagram?

Yes, he frequently shares photos of his current projects and adventures as well as photos of him and his family. You can follow him here

Does Ben Fogle have Twitter?

He does. Ben uses Twitter to share any updates and to also share any projects he is supporting plus various news stories he thinks his followers might be interested in. You can follow him here

Has Ben Fogle been in any adverts?

Ben did appear in a channel 5 advert named At Home On 5 back in March 2018.

Has Ben Fogle written any books?

Ben has written a total of six books. The Teatime Islands (2004), Offshore (2006), The Accidental Adventurer (2011) Land Rover: The Story of the Car That Conquered the World (2017), English (2017), Labrador: The Story of the World’s Favourite Dog (2016)

Does Ben Fogle have a dog?

Ben's wife Marina with their dog. @benfogle Instagram. 

Ben's wife Marina with their dog. @benfogle Instagram. 

Ben famously met his wife Marina whilst walking his beloved Labrador, Inca who also appeared on many TV shows with Ben. However, in 2012, Inca’s health began to decline and she sadly passed away aged 12. Taking to Twitter after her death, Ben wrote "I just lost my best friend, Inca. Heartbroken doesn't even begin to describe it." He added: "#cantstopcrying".

Earlier, he had tweeted: "Sometimes you have to make decisions that break your heart."

In 2015, Ben and his family welcomed black Labrador, Storm into their family and he often shares photos of Storm on his Instagram account.