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Paul O'Grady

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One of our favourite things about Paul O'Grady is of course his love of dogs! Not only do we love seeing Paul with his own adorable four-legged friends, but we love watching him in his TV show, For The Love of Dogs, where he visits all the rescue animals at Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

For more on the show and Paul's pooches, we've gathered together everything you need to know.

For the Love of Dogs

Possibly our favourite of Paul’s projects has been For the Love of Dogs. The series has been running since 2012, and features many of the loveable mutts at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home as they strive to find new families. If you're not familiar with Paul's series, For The Love of Dogs is all about the wonderful rescue dogs at Battersea. Each series, Paul goes along to meet a handful of the lovely dogs that live there to hear all about their touching stories.

Paul is such a natural with animals – for the first series he stayed as a volunteer at the centre for six months instead of the scheduled six days! He also ended up taking home Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross Eddy.

So far, there have been a whopping nine series of the show. You can watch series 9 of the show on iPlayer now.

Paul O'Grady's dogs

Over the years, Paul has had many lovely dogs in his life and he's forever adopting more dogs to add to his ever expanding pack. Here are just a few of his beloved pets from recent years.




Paul has a well-documented love for dogs, starting with his beloved shih tzu Buster, who he took on tour with him.

Sadly no longer with us, Paul described him as a "smashing dog" who was never happier than in the world of showbiz, being fussed over by staff and public alike. Buster died in 2009 after a struggle with cancer.


Poor Paul announced the death of his beloved dog Louis in late 2017 on his BBC Radio 2 show: "I’ve had a bit of bad news myself. I came down the other day and Louis, my 14-year-old Shiz Tsu had had a stroke. I took him to the vets and they said they’d do all they could but he had a bad heart, he was going blind, he was going deaf, he had arthritis and all sorts. So the vet rang me up and said he’s in a terrible state and we think it’s best if we put him to sleep so I’ve lost my Louis.

"I’ve also had to take Olga in because she’s got a growth on her leg which is a tumour. But because she’s only got one kidney the operation would be too much for her. So we’re just letting things settle and see how it goes. “I keep saying I’m never ever getting a dog again because you invite a dog into your life – or any animal – and inevitably you invite heartache. But you don’t look at the hangover when you’re at the party do you so you might as well enjoy it.”



We were so upset to hear Paul's beloved dog Olga had to be put to sleep after it was reported she had been ill for a while. The famous 14-year-old dog was a regular on TV and radio with Paul, but, the Cairn terrier cross had suffered with Cancer.

Paul reportedly spent £8,000 on Olga's treatment but sadly, there was nothing he could do to help his lovely dog this time.

Cairn Terrier Olga was also famous for her TV roles with Paul. He's described her as 'Ma Baker' for the way she rules the roost with his other pets!

Pual Ogrady

Paul thanked fans for their support during his difficult time, saying he is "devastated" after losing his dog.

"She was ready to go. At least I will have a good night’s sleep now. I have been up with her for two nights on the sofa. She’s been up in the night vomming and things,’ said Paul to the Sunday Mirror newspaper.

"It’s the hardest thing to do but it’s the only thing to do. I knew it wasn’t Olga any more, she was a state. I shed my tears earlier on in the week. It’s heartbreaking but she had a great life. She loved television studios."

He continued: "On the Saturday we had to let her go. If you are going to be a responsible dog owner you've got to do that. You cant keep them on, not when they are in pain."

O'Grady said Olga is buried in his orchard, adding: "It was all very very sad, hideous. I was devastated, seriously."

Paul returned to work the next day to film at a children's hospital for an upcoming show and was overwhelmed by the response.

"I go in the next day and they are giving me sweets and saying, 'We're sorry about your dog', and it's torture trying to hold it together for the cameras, especially when you are dealing with a really ill child. They are so resilient, they are not thinking about themselves."


The lovely Paul also lost Bullseye after he suffered a particularly bad epileptic seizure.

He shared: "Now I will tell you my lousy news. You know that I did have an epileptic dog called Bullseye. I've got two dogs that both have epilepsy and I've managed it with medication. However on Monday night he had a massive seizure, like a really bad one that he didn't come out of and on the way to the vets at two o'clock in the morning he died in the car."

To make matters worse another of Paul's dogs had to go to the emergency vet the same night as it ate some chocolate!

He added: "I get home from the vets and one of my other dogs had found a bar of chocolate that was 80% cocoa that had been left out stupidly - not by me! I don't like chocolate - on the coffee table. So we had to go back, it was the same emergency vet, for her to get her stomach pumped and we got her back two days later looking worse for wear because she was covered in charcoal because you know they give them charcoal at the vets. I can't tell you, poor old Bullseye. He was such a lovely dog, he had a thing about doorways, you had to coax him through them and he wouldn't go upstairs. It was part of his condition I think, he was a sweet little dog and sadly missed."

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