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Natalie Corner profile picture

Natalie Corner is a Commercial Content Editor at Bauer Media. In her role, she works with Specialist brands such as What’s The Best, Take A Break PetsModern Gardens, and A Modern Kitchen, as well as others across the Content Commerce portfolio.

Natalie started her journalism career as an Editorial Assistant at her local newspaper back home in Yorkshire, following her graduation from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in Journalism. After a stint as the Competition Queen and entertainment reporter, she moved to the Manchester newsroom of the Daily Mirror working as a television and showbiz reporter.

The London offices of the Daily Mail came calling and Natalie moved down south to work on the Femail desk in women’s lifestyle and television features. Returning home to the green lands of Yorkshire during the pandemic, Natalie was able to spend lots of precious time with her family dog, a cocker spaniel named Dash.


Dash joined Natalie on her Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, which they both completed in under 12 hours, and he didn’t complain once, Natalie on the other hand almost didn’t make it. He enjoys getting cosy on the sofa and watching movies, being fed tasty treats and of course going out for walks, even when it’s raining as long as he’s got his yellow raincoat on. Dash is always happy to test out dog toys, get comfy in a dog bed or sample some tasty new food - he even had a starring role in testing out advent calendar this year.

Dash is Natalie’s sixth dog, having previously owned a labrador named Misty, a German wire-haired pointer called Briar, who gave birth to a litter of pups, one of which she kept called Izzy, and then two cocker spaniels Finn, followed by Chad who we took in from another family just like Dash. At one point her family home had four dogs, however, there was a custom-built insulated dog run so they all had their own house outside.


For Yours, Natalie loves testing out air fryers, in particular the dual drawer model by Salter which comes in handy for cooking Christmas dinner. She's pretty adept at creating potato-based recipes, with her air fryer proving the perfect appliance to get crispy spuds. If she's not whipping up a treat in her air fryer, she's making breakfast cakes or downing salted caramel-flavoured protein shakes.


With a growing collection of gym gear (mostly Gymshark, but she’s always willing to test out other brands!), Natalie gym hops on ClassPass testing out circuit classes, is forever on leg day. When she’s not weight training, Natalie doesn’t stop talking about hot yoga and reformer pilates, with grippy socks and slip-free mats next on the test list. And is a particular fan of Fitbit - with the new Google Pixel watch next up on her smartwatch test list.

Natalie’s top buying tips for readers:

• "When it comes to buying gym gear online, know what your measurements are and get familiar with the brand’s sizing. You wear the clothes not the other way around, so don’t waste your money trying to squeeze into the same size across every retailer, because we know now there is no consistency. If you must buy several sizes – make sure to check the returns policy, nobody wants a sneaky extra fee."

• "Always have a backup of everything. Bulk buy your dog's favourite toy because on a walk they'll drop their ball and you won't notice and it'll be too late to go back and then they will stare at you like it's your fault. A pack of 15 tennis balls usually lasts Dash about a year."

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