Tips and advice to get you started

Here are our top tips for making sure you squeeze every last drop out of the 50 over 50 challenge


by Lorna White |

Think about the ‘why?’

Ask yourself why you’re reading this and what’s drawing you to try 50 new things: is it the opportunity to boost your mood? Escape a rut? Meet new people? Or the need for structure in your life? Check how you’re feeling now, anything you’d like to change in your life and imagine how you’d like to feel at the end of this challenge, then write it down. This is your motivation. Think too about what this tells you about the kind of challenges that might be best for you. For example, if loneliness is an issue, choose challenges that will help you to meet others, or if you want more structure in your life, try regular volunteering or a weekly class.

Be part of a community

By signing up to 50 over 50 you’re joining a supportive community of Yours readers who can inspire you with their own stories, give ideas for challenges and motivate you to keep going. Anyone can join the challenge – just sign and send in the pledge card below to tell us – but to get the most out of it we recommend you sign up online at Here you’ll find lots of practical advice and ideas as well as a link to join our Facebook group where you can share stories with like-minded people taking the challenge with you. We recommend you take the plunge and introduce yourself on there, post updates of how you’re getting on, or encourage others.

Get a scrapbook or journal

Writing down what you’ve done in a journal has been proven to help relieve stress, focus the mind and boost your memory. Studies show reflecting on what you did, how it made you feel and what you learned – which you can do for each of your challenges – can do wonders for your mood and even help you sleep.

A good tip is to take photos of your challenges, either of you completing them or just what you saw while doing them, and stick these in your journal. This will remind you how much fun it was, both on the days when you need a boost to complete your 50 challenges or in years to come when you look back on it. By doing this you’ll have something physical to hold in your hands and feel proud of at the end, as well as a lovely keepsake to pass on to the grandchildren!

Go for it... sign up online today!

We’d love you to join us as we take the challenge to try 50 new things this year. Sign up here where you’ll find lots of tips and inspiration to get you started.

It’s much easier to stick at something when you’ve got a good friend or loved one egging you on! Even if you can’t get a friend or family member to sign up, tell them you’re doing this challenge so they can support you. Studies have shown you’re more likely to complete a challenge when you tell others and make yourself accountable to them.

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