Sparkling water benefits

sparkling water benefits

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We all know water is good for us, but did you know there are actually many sparkling water benefits to drinking it over other soft drinks. The best sparkling water to drink in terms of health benefits is unsweetened and unflavoured, and while you can of course buy bottles from the supermarket, having a sparkling water maker in your home means you can turn good-old tap water into carbonated knowing that absolutely no nasties have been added.

Sparkling water is simply carbonated water – water into which carbon dioxide has been dissolved under pressure. This process gives the water a fizzy or bubbly sensation when it is drunk, similar to soda and other carbonated beverages.

If you're still not convinced, here are the many health benefits of sparkling water.

What are the benefits of sparkling water?

The most important benefits of benefits of carbonated water include relieving constipation and indigestion, weight loss, helping to maintain blood sugar, preventing motion sickness, preventing toxicity, and reducing weight, among other sparkling water benefits.

Increased hydration

Like all forms of water, carbonated water provides hydration for the body, so all metabolic processes can be carried out smoothly and efficiently. Science supports the importance of proper hydration in maintaining metabolic health, reducing cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome, and preventing hypertension.

Relieves constipation

Some people have reported that sparkling water is great for constipation, easing the passage of bowel movements, and reducing pressure and inflammation in the gut. It is known to settle the stomach and induce burping or flatulence, which can often reduce pressure in the gut and prevent reflux disease symptoms. There are also studies which suggest carbonated water may prevent formation of kidney stones.

Relieves indigestion and dysphagia

Several studies suggest that sparkling water improves swallowing in healthy subjects, and even in patients who have dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) sparkling water has been suggested for Dysphagia Rehabilitation. It also relieves stomach discomfort and can help reduce constipation and produce a feeling of satiety, which might encourage weight loss.

Reduced sugar

One of the biggest reasons why people take up drinking carbonated water are the health benefits of sparkling water is to get away from drinking sugar-rich sodas and soft drinks. The bubbles of sparkling water can give the impression of drinking a soda, but without the sugar, which helps people who are struggling with diabetes or are at high risk of developing the condition.

Weight loss

When you eliminate beverages that are high in sugar, you also reduce your overall calorie intake. If you regularly drink a few soft drinks a day, switching to calorie-free sparkling water can lead to a calorie deficit and weight loss over time.

Rich in minerals

Highly mineralised products help us meet our nutritional needs, so the composition of the water we drink can have a huge impact on our health.

The mineral concentration of sparkling water is higher than 'normal' water, and it has a higher osmolarity (total concentration of substances dissolved in a liquid) and basic pH (higher than that of pure water, which is neutral). The best sparkling water in terms of mineral content varies by brand and the geographical area where the water is sourced.

Relieves motion sickness

Although the exact reason for this isn’t clear, many people claim that carbonated water benefits those who struggle with travel sickness, and that drinking bubbly water can help reduce feelings of nausea and motion sickness.

Decreased cardiovascular risk

Studies indicate that waters rich in minerals, including those that incorporate carbonic acid, are beneficial for regulating blood pressure. This is due to their alkaline effect and the magnesium and calcium they contain, which improves vasoconstriction mechanisms and heart rate.

Better for your dental health

So, is sparkling water bad for your teeth? There is actually very little evidence to suggest that sparkling water made at home without the addition of other ingredients is harmful to your teeth. It's certainly better than soda products containing lots of sugars and preservatives. In fact, carbonated and non-carbonated water’s potential for dental erosion is 100 times lower than that of soft drinks. If you're turning to sparkling water for a healthier soft drink option, the best sparkling water flavours to look for are natural flavours and a lower proportion of added sugars.

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