20 best self-care books to help guide and inspire your life

Look after your mental health this year with powerful reads to help on your road to self-care.

self-care books

by Eleanor Weaver |

This year, we're consciously trying to do things that can help us put our mental health first and improve our general wellbeing.

But sometimes feeling in a funk can make it hard to know where and how to make the positive changes we need in our lives to be living as our best selves.

This is where self-care books can help to guide you on your journey to better your self-care.

They provide powerful, uplifting and mindful reads that can help change your life for the better. Check out our list of the best self-care books you can pick up today to start.

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20 Best Self-Care Books

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Journals for checking in with yourself

Reading about self-care can be of huge benefit, but writing in a book yourself can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

By putting pen to paper and spilling your mind onto the page, you can focus your thoughts and feelings, and notice habits and problems that you can solve. Use your journal to set goals, reflect on your day or just let out any angst you've pent up.

These journals provide daily structures and prompts to help get you thinking and guide your thoughts onto the page.

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