Vegan baking essentials: what you need to know

Be a legend in the baking with these tips and tricks.

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by Piper Huxley |

January is drawing to a close, which means that you’re probably looking forward to seeing the back of Veganuary and/or dry January. Don’t stop just yet. You’re doing a great job. There’s still so much to discover, to try, to experience.

Vegan cooking and baking is experimental, fun, and so innovative. Companies are really trying to get on board with plant-based diets by creating cool products that make plant-based diets easier and more accessible. That means that you don’t have to miss out on your favourite baked goods.

Who would want to miss out on a cake? Or a fancy dessert?

Anything you can make; you can make vegan.

The best vegan baking essentials:

We’ve picked out the essentials that you need to be stocked up if you’re going to tackle a spot of vegan baking - from egg replacements to whipped cream.

The essentials

These are the products you're going to need if you want to make some good vegan treats.

The sweet stuff

Check out these sweet treats.

If you're in a rush...

These mixes from Super Good Bakery are perfect if you haven't got the time this week.


What makes the best egg alternative for baking?

I know what you’re thinking: eggs are the tricky ones to replace.

Yes, eggs are important to a lot of recipes because it binds everything together. So, finding a vegan alternative can be a challenge. Of course, you can try a replacer, but it’s also worth looking into organic or natural egg replacements if that’s your thing.

Why not try chia or flaxseeds?

What about butter?

Butter is really easy to replace. There are so many plant-based spreads out there, which are rich and creamy. You can’t tell the difference. Brands like Flora and Vitalite make the best.

Any other tips?

• Figure out egg replacements.

• Baking soda/powder is your best friend.

• Swap out honey, if you must, but that’s really up to you.

• Use soy or oat milk – they’re the better options.

• Don’t be afraid to fail, keep trying!

We’ve got your back. You’ll be acing a GBBO technical in no time.

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