20 of the best red wines to enjoy

We've listed our guide to best red wines for taste, pairing and finding in your local shop.

Red wine

by Eleanor Weaver |

Whether it’s to enjoy at the end of a busy week, have alongside your dinner or to mark a special occasion, a glass of red is always a welcomed treat, and, luckily, we’ve found the best red wines for you to enjoy from your local supermarket.

From light to full-bodied, or vibrant and fruity to gently spiced, you're sure to find a red wine that suits your taste, budget and dish. We've also made sure to include some vegan-friendly wines too, for those times when you have a plant-based guest over for dinner.

Whichever you go for, we know that you'll find them a delightful addition to your summer evenings.

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How to pick a good red wine

Really it comes down to personal preference but there are a few things to consider when seeking out a good bottle of red:

Body - you can get light to full-bodied red wines. If you prefer something light, opt for something like a pinot noir, which also usually has a lower ABV. While something like a cabernet sauvignon is better if you’re looking for a full-bodied wine, with a higher ABV.

Grapes - depending on where the grapes for the wine are grown will determine its flavour. For example, Shiraz is grown in moderately warm temperatures has a higher tannins, whereas Pinot noir, which is grown in cooler temperatures creates wine with herbal, earthy notes.

Aroma - this is the smell of the wine in a glass and again is dependent on the wine’s grapes. You may come wine with a floral, citrus, fruity, vegetal or earthy aroma.

If you're still not sure where to start or which red wine would suit your taste palette best, use this handy Red Wine Boldness Chart from Wine Folly as a way of finding whether the wine you like is light or full-bodied, and to find other variants you may like:

Red wine boldness chart
©Wine Folly

The benefits of red wine

Not only does red wine taste delicious, but it's also packed with rich antioxidants that can help provide some health benefits. According to HealthLine, drinking red wine has been seen to:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

  • Reduces the risk of dementia

  • Reduce insulin resistance

  • Reduces the risk of depression

  • Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes in women

Of course, as with any alcoholic beverage, red wine must be consumed responsibly and in moderation. So, you can definitely have too much of a good thing!

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