Lizzy Dening

Issue 283 of Yours is out!

Lizzy Dening
Issue 283 of Yours is out!

It’s new magazine day! Have you picked up issue 283 yet?

If so, you’re in for a treat:

  • Find out why national treasure Dame Judi Dench always cries on the first night of a play, when she plans to retire and the pranks she pulls on her co-stars!
  • Discover how to avoid the most common online scams.
  • Strictly Secrets: find out why winners don’t get to keep the glitter ball trophy, how many litres of fake tan are used each series and lots more backstage gossip.
  • We celebrate the Blue Cross’ 120th birthday by meeting some of its hard-working staff and cute furry friends.
  • Do you remember watching 3-2-1 or Take Your Pick? We look back at some classic gameshows.
  • Discover why sharing a bed with your dog is a good idea.
  • WIN our award-winning beauty products!
  • Get crafting for Christmas with our Make and Bake special – from mince pies to baubles, we’ve got your crafty Christmas covered.

…and there’s SO MUCH MORE