A history of the Queen and her beloved Corgis

A history of the Queen and her beloved Corgis

We were so devastated to hear the very sad news that the Queens last corgi passed away at the weekend. Whisper, whom she adopted in 2017 after its owner (former Sandringham employee, Bill Fenwick) passed away, quickly became a favourite of the Queens after it was rumored the corgi would follow her around the palace.

The death of 12-year-old Whisper marks the first time the palace has been without a corgi since the First World War, and now Her Majesty refuses to breed anymore in fear that she doesn’t want to leave any pets behind after she passes away. The corgi has become an iconic breed of dog, forever linked with the Queen but when did this obsession with corgis begin?

She’s been around Corgi’s since she was 7-years-old. It was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Dookie that her father, King George VI, brought home. She fell in love with the breed so much that she got many more corgis including Jane and Susan who even joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on their honeymoon!


Names of all the Royal corgis over the years

  • Dookie - King George VI brought this corgi home for the Princess’s to play with

  • Crackers - belonged to the Queen Mother

  • Susan - The Queen’s first corgi

  • Jane - belonged to the Queen

  • Sugar - the nursery pet of Prince Charles and Princess Anne

  • Whiskey - gifted to Prince Charles from the Queen

  • Sherry - gifted to Princess Anne from the Queen

  • Honey - belonged to the queen mother

  • Johnny - belonged to Princess Margaret

  • Pippin - belonged to Princess Margaret

  • Heather - one of the Queen’s favourite corgis

  • Monty - belonged to the Queen

  • Emma - belonged to the Queen

  • Linnet - belonged to the Queen

  • Willow - belonged to the Queen

  • Holly - belonged to the Queen

Although the Queen now has no more corgis left to look after, she still has dorgis (dacshund corgi cross) who often make an appearance.

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What was the Queen doing when she was your age?


age 0

Born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on 21st April 1926.

age 1

She was cared for by her grandparents and nurse, Clara Knight, as her parents visited Australia and New Zealand.

Had a paddle steamer named after her to commemorate her birth, which played a crucial part in Operation Dynamo, the Dunkirk rescue.

age 2

A waxwork of Princess Elizabeth was created at Madame Tussaud’s.


age 3

Appeared on the cover of TIME magazine.

age 4

Gained a sister when Princess Margaret was born.

Sir Edward Elgar dedicated one of his final compositions to her.

aged 5

Was bridesmaid for the wedding of Captain Henry Abel-Smith and Lady May Cambridge.

aged 6

Became a homeowner! Moved with her family to the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park after it was gifted to her by the people of Wales.

aged 7

Watched her father, King George V, deliver the first Christmas Day speech.

Photographed performing a Nazi salute, seemingly mocking Adolf Hitler. The pictures were obtained and released by The Sun in 2015.

Sat for her first royal portrait, commissioned by her mother.

aged 8

First met her husband-to-be Prince Philip at the wedding of Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark to Prince George, Duke of Kent.


aged 9

This was the first time she appeared on a banknote, not in England, but in Canada!

aged 10

Her father became King George VI after King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry American Wallis Simpson. This made the Princess 1st in line to the throne.

aged 11

Attended the coronation of her father, King George VI.

aged 12

Took the penguins for a walk at London Zoo - really!

aged 13

Travelled on the London underground for the first time.

Met, and apparently fell in love with, Cadet Captain Philip of Greece at the Royal Dartmouth Naval College.

aged 14

Made a radio address to the children of Commonwealth, many of whom had been evacuated at the start of the Second World War.

aged 15

Starred in her first pantomime alongside her sister Princess Margaret when they performed in Cinderella in the Waterloo Chamber in Windsor Castle.

aged 16

Registered for war service.

aged 17

She was a Girl Guides patrol leader.

Visited Wales for the first time.

aged 18

Was given her first Corgi, named Susan, on her 18th birthday.

Joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service as a Subaltern and training as a mechanic. This is when she learned to drive - even though she’s the only person in the UK allowed to drive without a license!

Launched her first ship, the HMS Vanguard in Clydebank, Scotland.


aged 19

Went out into London partying with her sister Margaret to celebrate VE Day. She was dressed in her Auxiliary Territorial Service uniform and did the conga around Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

aged 20

Presented with a Honorary Bachelor of Music degree from the University of London.

aged 21

Married Duke Philip Mountbatten on 20th November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

aged 22

Gave birth to Charles Philip Arthur George, who at the time became second in line to the throne.

aged 23


Moved to Malta when Prince Philip was made First Lieutenant on HMS Chequers.

aged 24

Gave birth to Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise.

aged 25

While in East Africa on February 6th 1952, Elizabeth learned that her father, King George VI, had died. Thus, she became Queen Elizabeth II.

aged 26

Broadcast her first Christmas message live on the radio from her study at Sandringham.

aged 27

The Queen’s coronation was held at Westminster Abbey on June 2nd.


Conducted her first royal visit of Australia - on which she and her husband were pictured having a row! She was "hurling shoes, threats and sporting equipment, and venting the sort of regal fury that, in another age, would have cost someone their head", according to writer Robert Hardman. "I'm sorry for that little interlude," she later said, "but, as you know, it happens in every marriage."

Attended her first football match, the FA Cup Final.

aged 28

Made royal visits to Aden, Uganda, Malta and Gibraltar.

aged 29

An ocean liner named after the new Queen first set sail from Southampton.

Visited Stoke-On-Trent. It was a quiet year.

aged 30

Pictured meeting Marilyn Monroe at the London premiere of The Battle of River Plate

aged 31

Conducted the first televised Christmas broadcast.

aged 32

The Queen officially opened Gatwick Airport.

aged 33

Gave birth to her third child, Andrew Albert Christian Edward, commonly known as the Duke of York.


The first time the Queen appeared on a banknote in the UK.

aged 34

Attended the wedding of her sister Princess Margaret to photographer Antony Armstrong Jones.

aged 35

Had dinner with President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy at Buckingham Palace.

Visited Ghana and danced with President Kwame Nkrumah in an apparent bid to ‘save the Commonwealth’.

aged 36

Attended various high profile events, including Ascot Races and the Highland Games.

aged 37

Gave birth to her fourth child, Edward Antony Richard Louis, commonly known as the Earl of Wessex.

aged 38

Made a royal visit to Canada, before which the press reported extremists were plotting her assassination.

aged 39

Visited the Berlin Wall.

aged 40

Opened the 1966 World Cup at Wembley Stadium - must have been good luck!

aged 41

The “Queen’s head” design used on all regular stamps was first used. The design is based on a competition-winning entry by British artist and sculptor Arnold Machin. Before then, an image of the Queen taken by society photographer Dorothy Wilding was used on all stamps.


aged 42

Conducted a royal tour of South America, visiting Brazil and Chile.

aged 43

Formally invested her son, Prince Charles, with the Coronet of the Prince of Wales. She wanted to wait until he was older so he understood the significance of the role.

aged 44

Watches on as a soldier faints in the heat during the Trooping the Colour to mark her birthday, and just rides on by.

aged 45

Contracted chickenpox for the first time - and was told “not to go amongst crowds in case of infection from them”.

aged 46

She and Prince Philip celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.


aged 47

Opened the Sydney Opera House, almost losing her notes on a particularly windy day down under.

The only time the Queen has had to interrupt an overseas tour. While visiting Australia and Indonesia she had to return suddenly when a general election was called.

aged 48

Had dinner with the King of Malaysia at Claridges in London.

aged 49

Sent her first email!

aged 50

Opened the Montreal Olympic Games.

aged 51

Celebrated her Silver Jubilee, the 25th anniversary of becoming Queen of England.

Welcomed her first grandchild, Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne, into the world.

aged 52

First appeared on the last ever one pound banknote. This banknote would stop being printed in 1984.

Presented with a Jersey cow at a country show in Jersey.

aged 53

Made several state visits to countries in the Middle East, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. Also paid visits to Denmark and Malawi in a very busy year.

aged 54

Welcomed by the Pope as the first British monarch to make a state visit to the Vatican.

aged 55

The Queen was “shot at” during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. Marcus Simon Sarjeant was in the crowds and fired six blanks at Her Majesty as she rode past, later claiming “I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be a somebody”. The Queen was unharmed and Sarjeant was sentenced to five years in prison.

Survived an assassination attempt by a New Zealand teenager.

Attended the wedding of her son Charles to Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Welcomed her first granddaughter, Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, into the world.

aged 56

British man Michael Fagan broke into Buckingham Palace and entered the Queen’s bedroom while she was sleeping.

Welcomed her third grandchild and future King of England into the world, William Arthur Philip Louis, son of Prince Charles.

aged 57

A speech was written for her majesty in the event of World War III breaking out.

Met Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

aged 58

Welcomed her fourth grandchild into the world, Henry Charles Albert David, son of Prince Charles, otherwise known as Prince Harry.

Appeared on the first one pound coins.

aged 59

Artist Andy Warhol produced a now-famous image of the Queen as part of his Reigning Queens 1985 portfolio.

aged 60

Became the first British monarch to travel to mainland China, taking a walk along the Great Wall.

aged 61

The Queen’s cousin, Earl of Strathmore, sadly passes away.

Was apparently furious with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for refusing to back sanctions against apartheid in South Africa.

aged 62

Welcomed her fifth grandchild into the world, Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew

Visited the Netherlands to celebrate 300 years of friendship between the two nations.

aged 63

Welcomed her sixth grandchild into the world, Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew.

Started wearing her now-favourite nail polish, Essie’s iconic Ballet Slipper.

aged 64

The Queen stopped dying her hair - apparently she used a colour called Chocolate Kiss.

aged 65

Addressed Congress on a visit to the United States. She also stopped by a Baltimore Orioles baseball game.

aged 66

Started paying tax for the first time!

Known as her “annus horribilis” (horrible year):

Her son, Prince Charles, separated from his wife, Princess Diana. 

Her former daughter-in-law Sarah Ferguson was pictured topless and having her toes sucked in newspapers.

Windsor Castle, known as the Queen’s favourite weekend home, burnt down.

aged 67

Fired a machine gun at a shooting centre in Surrey.

Became the first monarch to open Buckingham Palace to the public. This was apparently to raise funds for the renovation of Windsor Castle, which had been damaged in a fire the year before.

aged 68

Broke her left wrist when her horse tripped during a ride at Sandringham.

Unveiled a plaque to commemorate the completion of the Channel Tunnel.

aged 69

Presented with a White Nguni bull from King of Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu of the Zulus during The Queen's State Visit to South Africa.

Asked her son, Prince Charles to seek an early divorce from Princess Diana. This was attributed to the famous interview the Princess did with Martin Bashir in which she opened up about Prince Charles’ extra marital affairs.

aged 70

Amended royal family rules so that a former wife of a member of the family couldn’t hold and enjoy the style title or attribute of Royal Highness.

aged 71

Rocked by the news of the death of Princess Diana. She addressed the nation on TV but was criticised for how she handled the situation.

aged 72

Apparently “terrorized” Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah with her driving skills during his visit to Balmoral in Scotland.

Endorses a plan to end gender discrimination in the line of succession for the throne.

aged 73

Opened the first Welsh Assembly in Cardiff.

A referendum was carried out in Australia to decide whether the Queen would be replaced by a present - she won!

aged 74

Celebrated her mother’s 100th birthday.

aged 75

Pictured wiping away a tear at a memorial service for the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, sadly passed away at the age of 101.

She also lost her sister, Princess Margaret, who died at the age of 71.


aged 76

Celebrated her Golden Jubilee to mark 50 years on the throne. The UK and commonwealth countries around the world celebrated, with many holding street parties in her honour. She became the oldest monarch to celebrate a Golden Jubilee.

Visited a British mosque for the first time.

aged 77

Underwent a knee operation to remove torn cartilage. 

Entertained Russian President Vladimir Putin on his last visit to the UK.

Was amused when a swarm of bees delayed her review of the Grenadier Guards at Windsor.

Welcomed her 7th grandchild into the world, Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward.

aged 78

Opened the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, London, to mark 10 years since the death of Princess Diana.

aged 79

Claimed ownership of 88 cygnets on the River Thames.

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris unveiled official portrait of the Queen.

aged 80

The subject of “The Queen” a fictional drama depicting the Royal Family’s response to the death of Princess Diana. Dame Helen Mirren won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Her Majesty.

aged 81

Became the oldest monarch in British history at 81 years and 244 days, overtaking the previous record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Posted her traditional Christmas Day speech on YouTube for the first time.

Welcomed her eighth grandchild into the world, James, Viscount Severn, son of Prince Edward.

aged 82

Openly asked economists why no-one saw the credit crunch coming during a briefing by academics at the London School of Economics.

aged 83

The subject of a Channel 4 drama-documentary in which she was played by several actresses, including Samantha Bond, Diana Quick and Emilia Fox.

Set tongues wagging as she and First Lady Michelle Obama put their arms around each other as they posed for photographs. It’s considered against royal etiquette to touch the Queen.

aged 84

The Queen joined Facebook! Buckingham Palace set up a Facebook Page called The British Monarchy.

Welcomed her first great-grandchild into the world, Savannah Phillips, granddaughter of Princess Anne.

Received a Blackberry mobile phone as a gift when she visited their Canadian HQ.

aged 85

Attended the royal wedding of her grandson Prince William to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

Made the first state visit to the Republic of Ireland by a British monarch.

Became the second-longest serving British monarch, overtaking George III.

Posted warning signs around her 775-room palace that read: "The attention is drawn of all members of staff to the need to switch off unwanted lights. By Order of The Master of The Household."


aged 86

Celebrated her Diamond Jubilee to commemorate 60 years as Queen.

Appeared in a comedy skit alongside Daniel Craig’s James Bond to mark the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games in which she appears to do a parachute jump out of a helicopter.

aged 87

Welcomed her great-grandson Prince George into the world. Prince George will likely be a future King of England.

Her horse Estimate won the Gold Cup at Ascot, marking the first time a reigning monarch at won the race in its 207-year history.

Welcomed her fourth great-grandchild into the world, Mia Tindall, granddaughter of Princess Anne.

aged 88

The Queen sent her first ever Tweet, from the Science Museum in London where she opened an exhibition about the information age.

Honored with the inaugural lifetime achievement award from the world governing body of horse sport, the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

aged 89

Became the longest-reigning UK monarch, serving for 23,226 days, 16 hours and approximately 30 minutes, overtaking her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

Welcomed her fifth great-grandchild into the world, Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William.

aged 90

Played by Claire Foy in Netflix’s The Crown.

aged 91

She and her husband Prince Philip celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

Appoints her first black household staffer, a Ghanaian-born Afghanistan war veteran called Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah, known as TA to his friends.

aged 92

Welcomed her sixth great-grandchild into the world, Prince Louis, son of Prince William.

Attended the wedding of her grandchild Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle.