New ITV drama explores the early lives of Torvill and Dean

New ITV drama explores the early lives of Torvill and Dean

Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean have become household names and icons in the world of ice skating. This one-off two hour drama film, that will air on ITV on Christmas Day at 9:15pm, will explore their humble beginnings in Nottingham as well as their personal battles that drove them to becoming two of the most famous faces on the rink. 

Written by screenwriter William Ivory (Made in Dagenham), he spent hours being interviewed by screenwriter, William Ivory, who was also born and bred in Nottingham and is a passionate about the region. 

The drama features a star-studded cast starring Anita Dobson as Miss Perry who was their first coach at the Nottingham Ice Centre. Stephen Tompkinson will play Jayne's Father George and Jamie Winstone will be playing Janet Sawbridge, the dancing instructor who first paired Chris and Jayne together. 

We’ll get a chance to explore their past that we may not have been aware of, including how Chris, following the breakup of his parents’ marriage, channelled his anger into skating and how Jayne, was outwardly reserved, and determined to explore her inwardly passionate nature. The drama will also reveal how Chris and Jayne clashed as they tried to establish a new language for ice dance – one which won gold medals but also spoke to their private, intense relationship.

Talking about the upcoming drama, Jayne and Chris said, “We feel very honoured that ITV have commissioned this film based on what was a very significant period in each of our lives. We have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have spent with William Ivory and the team at Darlow Smithson sharing experiences of our passion for skating, the life long friendship that came through our sport and everything that it took to achieve our eventual goal of becoming Olympic champions.”