Lizzy Deningtv

Suranne Jones is back in new series Save Me

Lizzy Deningtv
Suranne Jones is back in new series Save Me
Dr Foster pic:  Des Willie / ©Lifetime

Dr Foster pic: Des Willie / ©Lifetime

We love, love, LOVED Suranne Jones in Dr Foster (and still remember her fondly from her Coronation Street days) so we're excited to hear about her new drama, Save Me.

The actress, 39, will be starring alongside Line of Duty star Lennie Jones, who actually created and wrote the series.

It's a dark story about a man accused of grooming and abducting his estranged 13-year-old daughter. Suranne will be playing her mother.

Lennie plays Nelson 'Nelly' Rower, a shifty character who spends most of his time at the pub, and hasn't seen his daughter Jody for years, leaving her to be brought up by Claire (Suranne Jones). Claire assumes Nelly must have something to do with Jody's disappearance, after her daughter leaves a video message explaining she wants to meet up with her dad - but it turns out Nelly hasn't heard from her. 

It sounds like another gripping, if bleak series - something Suranne is good at picking!

Suranne fans will be pleased to hear she could be returning to Coronation Street!

There are lots of TV shows out in 2018 that we're already looking forward to.

  • Save Me will air on Sky Atlantic and NowTV on Wednesday February 28 at 9pm.
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