Tonight's Supervet is set to be an emotional one

Tonight's Supervet is set to be an emotional one

It can be extremely heart breaking to see your pet in pain, and no pet enjoys the dreaded trip to the vets. It can often be very difficult to watch the emotional stories on The Supervet, and sadly, tonights episode is set to be a tearful one when adorable Labrador Puppy, Oscar, is forced to undergo a very serious operation.

The six-month-old pup is suffering from a rapidly worsening elbow disease which vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, says is bad for a dog as young as this. The vet proposes to fit a custom-made plate for both front legs of Oscar, but this is a very big operation for the young puppy.

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Sadly, Oscars owners Elis and Matt have to make some very difficult decisions about their dog’s future as their pet insurance won’t cover the costs of the extensive surgery and treatment Oscar requires.

Tonights episode will also see Lynne and David travel three hundred miles to see the vet, with their Russian Black Terrier, Raz, who needs an urgent appointment after the 7-year-old dog was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his leg.

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It’s also an emotional time for cat owners Jo and Ron who have to take their one-year-old cat Korky to see Noel after he was involved in a road accident which left him with a crushed pelvis and broken tail.

  • To find out if Oscar, Raz and Korky will be okay, watch The Supervet tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.
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