Frank Skinner stars in Johnny Cash and the Ostrich

Frank Skinner stars in Johnny Cash and the Ostrich

It’s fair to say Hollywood stars, actors and musicians of the past have their fair share of weird tales to tell, which is why Sky Arts are bringing a successful series of urban myths to our screen in April. One of the strangest amongst the myths is the story of Johnny Cash and the Ostrich.

Written by and starring British comedian Frank Skinner as Johnny Cash, the show tells the rather strange story of Johnny Cash and how a killer ostrich named Waldo terrorised the country singer, sending him towards his pain-killer and alcohol addiction. Skinner stars opposite actress and comedian Isy Suttie who you may recognise from various panel shows.

It's November, 1983.  Jean (Suttie), a hotel manageress in Nottingham, arrives at work to find there's trouble in room 211, currently occupied by country music legend, Johnny Cash.  Eventually persuading him to let her in, they sit amongst the carnage and Cash explains that he has been visited by Waldo, the killer ostrich.  In a series of flashbacks, Cash tells Jean how the ostrich attacked him at his theme park, home and The House of Cash in Tennessee. Now Waldo has turned up in the East Midlands and is aching for revenge.

This is just one instalment of the new series which explores fictionalised accounts of the bizarre tales famous people have to tell. The comedy series will also imagine what happened behind the scenes in the Marilyn Monroe film, Some Like It Hot as well as the 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie.

  • The series begins on Sky Arts Thursday April 12th at 9pm with Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot and you can watch Johnny Cash and the Ostrich Thursday 26th April at 9pm.