Roy Orbison - In Dreams the hologram tour - review

Roy Orbison - In Dreams the hologram tour - review

The ever-modest man with the dark glasses and the super-human voice, Roy Orbison once said "People often ask me how I would like to be remembered and I answer that I would simply like to be remembered." And looking at the crowds in Birmingham Genting Arena singing and swaying along to the likes of 'Only the Lonely' and 'Pretty Woman' 30 years on from his tragic death, I think we can safely say The Big O has definitely not been forgotten. 

Roy has followed in the footsteps of the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, brought back to life for adoring fans with the help of holographic technology that sees an uncannily lifelike moving image of Roy step up to the mic and sing all of his classic songs - almost as if he was really in the room. 


He's backed by the roar of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who bring fantastic new sounds to the songs that have soundtracked a generation. As the show rolls through hit after hit after hit - a remarkable reminder of just how much memorable music he packed into his too-short life - it's punctuated with interview clips from friends and famous admirers sharing their love and admiration for Roy's extraordinary talent. 


What really shines through in this concert is how Roy managed to convey such feeling in his songs despite the dark glasses, the shy persona and the body language that gave so little away. Listening live to Running Scared, In Dreams or Crying, you can hear so clearly echoes of the sad private life he faced, having lost his first wife Claudette in a motorcycle accident in 1966 and the death of two of his sons in a house fire in 1968. 

Because Roy was always such a still, staid performer, all about the music and his angelic voice , don't expect any wild stage antics or gimmicks from his incredible hologram image or indeed any talking or stories.

It would have been nice to have a bit more interaction with the audience in some way, either from the conductor of the Royal Philharmonic, a compere or one of Roy's loved ones, but the concert nevertheless offers an amazing experience to truly immerse yourself feet first in his legendary music. 

Whether you were lucky enough to catch an original Roy Orbison concert during his life and want to relive those memories, or want the unique opportunity to get as near as possible to seeing a much-loved legend of music live (the hologram technology is truly mesmerising), the In Dreams tour is a real dream for Roy fans.