The present that people ALWAYS give the Queen!

The present that people ALWAYS give the Queen!

Over the years the Queen has received presents and gifts from all over the world, from priceless antiques to wild animals (most of which have been donated to zoos!) but there's one staple present she gets given more than any other - plants. 

During the new documentary The Queen's Green Planet, which sees her meeting Sir David Attenborough to talk all things botanical, she reveals that she's 'difficult' to buy for:


"I've been quite difficult to give presents to, so they've always said, 'Oh, let's give her a plant.'"

The programme will focus on the Queen and Sir David taking a tour of Buckingham Palace's gardens, and revealing details of her new project: The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy. This is a commitment to preserving natural habitats across the 53 Commonwealth countries for future generations to enjoy.


Sir David's tour will include a look at the family trees planted by the royals in the Palace gardens, plane trees planted by Victoria and Albert and a mulberry tree planted by James I.

The show will also show Prince William and Kate in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada, and Prince Harry planting trees in the Caribbean.

  • Watch The Queen's Green Planet on Monday 16th April, 9pm on ITV
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