Miranda Hart is set to host the Royal Variety Show

Miranda Hart is set to host the Royal Variety Show

Fans of Miranda and Call the Midwife are in for a treat – Miranda Hart is set to host the ever-popular Royal Variety Performance 2017!

The writer/actress/comedienne is set to present the 41st event in front of members of the Royal Family – and in fact will be the first woman to have taken on the role.

Acts taking part include Yours favourites Michael ball and Alfie Boe (read our interview with the pair in the latest issue of Yours magazine); Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, Seal, James Blunt, Britain’s Got Talent winner Tokio Myers and Cirque du Soleil.

There will be a mixture of UK and international talent from the world of theatre, music and comedy as well as plenty of surprises.

"If you don’t mind me I am just going to smash a glass ceiling and be the first woman to host the Royal Variety,” says Miranda. “That felt GOOD! It’s thrilling for me because of that, and because I am hugely proud to be part of such an important event in our comedy and variety heritage as the Royal Variety Performance. 


“The young-wannabe-comedian me who watched the show every year, would be just as excited to hear that grown-up me is going to be hosting - only I'll be doing it without the 1970’s pudding bowl haircut that made me look like a young male monk!"

The show raises money for the Royal Variety Charity to help people from the world of entertainment in need of care and assistance.

The show will take place on November 24 and will be screened on ITV in December.