Could Kiri be returning for a second series?

Could Kiri be returning for a second series?

Did you watch the last episode of Kiri? The gripping drama ended on a real cliff hanger, as the final scenes showed Kiri's biological father, Nate, sat in his prison cell, listening to people chanting for his freedom. Simon was whisked away to boarding school whilst Jim sat quietly at his kitchen table. 

The finale left viewers angry at the unresolved ending, leaving many to believe a second series is in the pipeline, and whilst it has not been confirmed, Kiri writer, Jack Thorne has confirmed a second series is a possibility. We really hope so as we're not sure how long we can take the suspense! 


We can’t wait to watch Sarah Lancashire in the new gripping drama, Kiri. When a young girl in her care goes missing and is later found murdered, social worker Miriam (Sarah Lancashire) is suspended and hounded by the press. Set in Bristol, the role required experienced actress Sarah to adopt a Bristol accent which she revealed to Radio Times, she kept whilst she was out of character.

As the series unfolds, we see Sarah's character Miriam struggle to cope with what has happened whilst discovering she has suffered huge loss in her life too. The four part series also stars Yours favourite, Sue Johnston, as Miriam's mum.