Lizzy Dening

Why you should watch Howards End

Lizzy Dening
Why you should watch Howards End
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Have you been watching the BBC’s new adaptation of EM Forster’s Howards End? It’s a four-part series airing each Sunday, and has already enchanted us with its romantic drama and lovely period costumes.

The first episode showed Margaret Schlegel and her family travelling to the wealthy Wilcox family home in Howards End, after discovering that her sister Helen is in love with Paul Wilcox.

The series is focused around three families in the early 1900s, dealing with issues of love and class.

Howards End cast

Bessie Carter, who plays wealthy Evie Wilcox, has serious acting pedigree. This is her first big role, but she’s surely destined for great things – her parents are actors Jim Carer and Imelda Staunton!

Other stars include Hayley Atwell (Margaret Schlegel) and Spooks’ Matthew Macfadyen (Henry Wilcox).

Where’s Howards End filmed?

The home of the Wilcox family is filmed at Vann House in Surrey. A gorgeous 16th century English Heritage property, it’s already appeared in several episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

The Schlegel’s London home is filmed in Myddelton Square in Clerkenwell and is Grade II listed.

  • Howards End is on BBC1 on Sundays at 9pm. It’s also available to catch up on from BBC iPlayer.
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