How to get tickets for the Tom Jones tour

How to get tickets for the Tom Jones tour

His 2019 tour sees the Welsh singing star visiting some smaller venues you may not expect so tickets are bound to be VERY popular. Will he be playing near you? His upcoming summer tour dates are below:

  • 11 July Thursday 17:00 ABAX Stadium - Peterborough

  • 13 July Saturday 17:00 Bristol County Ground - Bristol

  • 13 July Saturday 19:00 Bristol County Ground - Bristol

  • 21 July Sunday 17:00 Colchester Castle Park - Colchester

  • 21 July Sunday 19:00 Colchester Castle Park - Colchester

  • 27 July Saturday 17:00 SLESSOR GARDENS - Dundee

General release tickets go on sale on Friday February 1st but if you’re keen to ensure you get your hands on some tickets, you may want to sign up to pre-sale tickets, meaning you’ll be able to purchase tickets two days in advance from Wednesday January 30th.

The only way to get pre-sale tickets on ticket selling site Ticketmaster is to register with an account on there, head to my settings, manage favourites and search for your favourite artist there (in this case, Tom Jones) to find out all the latest on them. Although you aren’t guaranteed to be sent the pre-sale link to access pre-sale tickets, you massively increase your chances.

Users of O2 will also be able to register for pre-sale tickets. All you’ll need to register is an O2 mobile account to access these priority tickets.

If you’re not able to get priority access from 9am on Wednesday January 30th, you will have to try and get them in the general sale which go on sale at 8am on Friday February 1st.