Lizzy DeningBake off

4 reasons we're still loving the Great British Bake Off

Lizzy DeningBake off
4 reasons we're still loving the Great British Bake Off

We were dubious when the Great British Bake Off moved from the BBC to Channel 4 and lost Mary Berry, but we have to say we're pleasantly surprised by the new series.


On the odd chance you haven't seen the show, the baking competition sees 12 amateur bakers go through three intense rounds to create marvellous baked treats in an attempt to impress the judges and get ‘Star Baker’ for the week.

The three rounds include the signature bake, the technical challenge and the showstopper (our favourite). There are many reasons that we’re so excited that it’s back on our screens but we’ve narrowed them down to four.

  1. Noel Fielding’s shirts. His quirky colourful shirts really do brighten up the atmosphere when things seem a little gloomy in the Bake Off tent. Noel’s eccentric personality is very likeable, he sure is our Mad Hatter to the tea party.  
  2. Glorious bakes. Biscuits, cakes, pastries, tarts - the stunning creations are a pleasure to our eyes and although we want to reach out into our screens and grab a sweet treat so, we can scoff it down at least we can watch it guilt-free without having gaining calories. 
  3. Cheeky Innuendos. There are some comments that can be quite naughty, it sure adds some spice into the mixture and gives us a little giggle. 
  4. Inspiration. After just watching one episode, it makes us want to get out our baking gear and put our biscuit making skills to the test. Although it sometimes doesn’t go to plan, we can still put the kettle on, put our feet up and enjoy a nice brew whilst watching the show. 
  • By Sophia Khan
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