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Who's just left Gogglebox?

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Who's just left Gogglebox?

Who’d have thought that watching other people watch TV would be so entertaining to watch? It’s now over four years since it began, and the nation still love hearing what their favourite families have got to say about what’s on telly. Gogglebox has even produced stars such as Scarlett Moffatt and the much-loved Steph and Dom.

Gogglebox news

It's been announced that two of our favourite 'boxers won't be returning for the next series. As we reported earlier, poor June has decided not to come back after the sad death of husband Leon, and now it seems that Chris Butland-Steed will also be leaving.

The hairdresser has appeared in all 10 series, and is now hoping to pursue a career in TV. He wrote on Twitter:

"After 10 series, a wedding, and a helluva lot of takeaways, our lovely dogs and I have decided it's time to say a very fond farewell to our Gogglebox family. I've loved every minute of being on the show and will never forget all the amazing things it's allowed me to do. 

"Since my wedding, it's felt like there should be a new start, so I'm taking the plunge to see what's out there! I'm really looking forward to what the future holds, especially pursuing a career in TV, as I hope to show viewers that I have many more talents. So, watch this space!"

His on-screen partner Stephen Webb will carry on, and Chris will be replaced by Stephen's mum. We're looking forward to meeting her!

Series 10 Gogglebox cast

We’re loving the families currently featuring in series 10 so we’ve created this guide to the Gogglebox characters and why we love them so much! 

Mary and Marina


The loveable best friends from Bristol are both widows who live in the same retirement home. Their adorable nature and hilarious sense of humour make them firm favourites of the show.


Ellie and Izzi

You either love or hate the sisters from Leeds. The pair don’t actually live together as Izzi has a place of her own with her child whilst Ellie still lives with their parents.  


The Malone’s


This Manchester family are most famous for their huge dogs who are always watching TV with them. The family is made up of Julie, Tom and their sons Tom Jr and Shaun. 

The Woedenwebers

Made up of German husband Ralf, his wife Viv and their daughter Eve, the family are from The Wirral. They used to be joined by Eve’s silent boyfriend Jay, but the couple later broke up.

Dave and Shirley


This couple from Caerphilly in Wales have been married 40 years. Shirley works in retail and Dave is a cleaner but he also has a passion for baking!   

The Michaels

Dad Andrew, mum Carolyne and their grown-up children, son Louis and daughter Alex, make up the lively Micheal family who live in Brighton.

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan


The football loving Plummer brothers are from Bristol and always joking around with one another.

Chris and Stephen

Best friends from Brighton Chris and Stephen have been on the show since the beginning of Gogglebox. Whilst most people think they are a couple, they are actually just friends and both have partners who don’t feature on the show.

Giles and Mary


Artist Giles and Writer Mary live in Wiltshire and we love their sarcastic sense of humour.

The Tappers

Mum Nikki, dad Jonathan, son Josh and daughter Amy make up the Tapper family. Jonathan is a chauffeur and Nikki is a nursery teacher. The family live in London.  

Jenny and Lee


Watching from their caravan in East Riding, Jenny and Lee have been best friends for over 21 years after meeting one another in a pub.

Bill and Josef

Bill is a chess champion as well as writing for the Daily Express. Josef is an accountant and board game enthusiast. The Cambridge pair have been friends for over 18-years.

The Siddiquis


Retired engineer Sid is father to brothers Baasit and Umar who both work in IT,and was born in Pakistan before moving to Derby when he was 16. His wife of 37 years doesn’t want to be on Gogglebox however.

Amira and Iqra

Their infectious laughs get us giggling every time. These best friends live in London and have an adorable cat who joins in the fun.

June and Leon


We loved this popular couple who were married over 60 years. The retired teachers have two daughters and three grandchildren and live together in Liverpool. Sadly Leon passed away over Christmas 2017 and June recently announced she wouldn't be returning to the series.