Lizzy Dening

We’re so excited to see For The Love of Dogs at Christmas

Lizzy Dening
We’re so excited to see For The Love of Dogs at Christmas

We’re so excited that Paul O'Grady will soon be returning to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for a one-hour special of For The Love of Dogs at Christmas. Here, Paul will face his biggest challenge yet as he tries to find homes for dozens of dogs who've all arrived together.

Paul’s heart will be stolen by a west highland terrier called Sylvester, arrives at Battersea very nervous and needs to brought out of his shell. Luckily, Harlow the beautiful bichon frise becomes Battersea's resident therapy dog to spread festive joy.

It’s also a tear jerking moment when Paul helps to bottle feed two three week old puppies who were found dumped on the side of the road having been thrown out of a moving car. We’re going to need some tissues at the ready for this one!

Why we LOVE For The Love of Dogs

We’ve always had a soft spot for Paul O’Grady, and he never looks more at home then when visiting Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to meet gorgeous animals looking for a forever home.

For The Love of Dogs will restart on October 2017, and will see the cheery Scouser return to Battersea to bring more tear-jerking, heart-warming tails – sorry, tales. 

One episode will see him meet a beautiful litter of Dalmatian puppies, a chubby Shar Pei cross who needs to lose a few kilos and a gorgeous – if smelly – Yorkshire terrier.

The poor terrier, named Wilma by staff, is found wandering around Battersea Park and is seriously down on her luck. She’s infested with fleas to the point where she’s losing her fur, but happily this is where she meets Paul. He gives the pongy pooch a bath and promptly falls in love with her, saying:  “She’s the business this dog, you’d think she’d keep away after what she’s been through, but she’s so friendly and so loving.” After a bath, the pair go for a walk in the sunshine, before Wilma begins her quest to find a new family to adopt her.

Then Paul squeezes into chunky Shar Pei cross Max’s kennel to lend a hand with his weight-loss mission. In need of enrichment, poor Max has been left chewing his paw out of boredom, so Paul offers to take him for a run outside.

Later, at Battersea’s home in old Windsor, a Dalmatian cross called Fern has been found wandering the streets, heavily pregnant. She’s malnourished and very poorly, so kindly staff take her in and offer her some sustenance before she goes into labour. Soon she has 11 hungry puppies to fed, and Paul adds her to his worry list, desperately hoping she’ll find a home of her own once they are weaned.

These are just three of the moving stories and furry characters Paul will meet during his latest stint at Battersea – we can’t wait to meet the rest.