Mrs Wilson, BBC One

Mrs Wilson, BBC One

Ruth Wilson, who you may recognise from Luther, The Affair and Jane Eyre, is about to take on a role very close to home and she plays her own grandmother in upcoming drama, Mrs Wilson.

When she discovered a the shocking truth of her own family history, she knew that it had to be turned into a television drama. 20-years-ago, her grandmother, Alison, typed up her own memoir all about her husband, Alec. Ruth’s grandfather Alec was not only a bestselling author of over 25 spy novels but he was also an MI6 spy with a string of secret marriages.

After being married to Allison for 22 years and having two sons, Gordon and Nigel, Alec died in 1963. It wasn’t until then that Allison found out that her husband had never divorced from his first wife, meaning she had to hand over the burial rites to his first wife, Gladys, with whom he had three children. The name on his coffin was even changed after it was revealed he had changed his middle names every time he got married.

Little did the Wilson’s know that this was just the beginning of Alec’s secrets and following Alison’s death, the family uncovered the true extent of Alec’s lies, discovering that he actually had four wives, none of whom were aware of one another, and seven children.

During his marriage to Allison, Alec would visit his other families whilst claiming he was away “on business”. As well as Allison and Gladys, there was Dorothy and their son Mike and Elizabeth and their child.

Although there is still much the family don’t know about Alec because MI6 refuse to release his files, one good thing that has come out of their research into family history is how all of Alec’s children have now met and are looking forward to their family drama coming to the screen.

Now, Ruth has had the story made into a drama where she will star as her own grandmother whilst being the executive producer of the three-part series.