Everything you need to know about The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Everything you need to know about The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Fill the BBC Bake Off hole in your life with this fun family cookery show


What is The Big Family Cooking Showdown?

A fun TV show that will see 16 different families from around the UK competing to see who has the best family recipes. Each episode will be broken down into three challenges: the £10 challenge, where they need to feed four with a £10 budget; the home visit challenge, where they cook for the judges in their own houses; the impress the neighbours challenge, where they return to the studio for the deciding round.

When will the Showdown be on TV?

Starting on August 15 at 8pm on BBC2, it will run for 12 weeks.

Who are the presenters?

Zoe Ball (who we love in Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two!) and Nadiya Hussain, who of course won the Great British Bake Off back in 2015.

Who are the judges?

There are two top chefs who will be putting the families through their paces: Rosemary Shrager and Giorgio Locatelli
Rosemary has worked in restaurants, cookery schools and appeared on TV in various shows including Ladette to Lady, Rosemary’s School for Cooks and The Real Marigold Hotel. Giorgio is a Michelin star chef who has appeared in Tony and Giorgio, Sicily Unpacked and Italy Unpacked.