David Attenborough’s new nature programme

David Attenborough’s new nature programme

We were all shocked during the final episode of Blue Planet last year to see the devastating impact the human race is having on our oceans. The nation was astounded at how the use of plastic is affecting the oceans, as supermarkets announced plans to cut down on their use of plastic packaging.

From the same makers as Planet Earth II, Dynasty sees Sir David Attenborough take a look at the effects that the human race is on some of the greatest animals in the world, as their habitats are constantly changing becoming under increasing pressure from humanity.

This brand new five-part series is set to air later this year on BBC One and each episode will explore an individual animal including lions, chimpanzees, tigers and emperor penguins, delving into the battles they face on a daily basis and following their lives as a family.

It shows how important safety in numbers is for these animals and how they would struggle to survive without one another and how the smallest incident could impact on their lives and future.