Sir David Attenborough's Dynasties

Sir David Attenborough's Dynasties

We can’t wait for Sir David Attenborough to return to our screens this Sunday evening with his new nature programme, following the lives of five families of endangered animals.

This new series has been four years in the making and focuses on chimpanzees, penguins, lions, painted wolves and tigers. These five endangered species are up against daily challenges from protecting their children to fighting for food.

Each episode follows a different animal and this Sunday will begin with a group of chimpanzees from Senegal West Africa. The alpha chimp, David, faces a daily struggle to maintain power as he’s up against rival chimpanzees Luthor and Jumkin.

The second episode takes us to Antarctica’s Atka Bay to visit a colony of emperor penguins as they attempt to rear their young in blizzards and temperatures of -60C. Winter sees the female penguins out at see to find food for their families whilst the male penguins huddle round their young to keep warm.

The next episode is all about Kenya’s Marsh pride of lions. These lions have recently been abandoned by the male leaders leaving the female lions to protect their cubs and fight for food. Although painted wolves may not be as well known as some of the other animals, episode four will see the packs tensions run high as leader of the pack, Tait, sees her daughter turn against her.

The final episode of Dynasties will explore the world of tigers in India. With only 50 per cent of tiger cubs surviving to adulthood (tissues at the ready), mother Raj Bhera must do all she can to keep her cubs safe and healthy.

Fans of Sir David Attenborough will also be delighted to hear that the very popular Blue Planet will be returning to our screens in March 2019 with four live specials to reveal the extent of the environmental crisis happening in our oceans.