Controversial Countryfile segment causes outrage

Controversial Countryfile segment causes outrage

If you were watching last night’s episode of Countryfile on BBC One, you may have been shocked to see controversial footage of the living conditions of some farm animals, as part of a segment on veganism and animal rights campaigning.

The film made by animal rights campaigners showed livestock suffering before being slaughtered as well as baby chicks cramped in ‘cruel’ conditions in a bid to expose animal cruelty on farms to the public.

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And although presenter Tom Heap warned viewers that some of the scenes were upsetting, many viewers were outraged that this footage was broadcast before the 9pm watershed.

Whilst some viewers praised Countryfile for showing this side of farming and striking up conversation with activists, many viewers were shocked to see this broadcast on TV, expressing their anger on social media.

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  • Countryfile is aired on Sunday evenings on BBC1
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