Everything you need to know about Cats the movie

Everything you need to know about Cats the movie

It’s one of the most loved and long-running shows in the West End and now, Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Cats is being transformed into a film featuring a star-studded cast.

Directed by Tom Hooper (who also directed The Kings Speech and The Danish Girl), it’s sure to be a hit. Musical fans will also be delighted to hear he also directed the 2012 film adaptation of Les Miserables which was fantastic!

When is the Cats release date?

The film will be out December 20 2019 - just in time for Christmas!

What songs will be in Cats the movie?

Cats the musical has no spoken word and we’re hoping it’ll be the same for the movie! It’s also been confirmed that Andrew Lloyd-Webber has written another song especially for the film adaptation.

Who is being cast in Cats the movie?

Judi Dench has been cast as Old Deuteronomy, which is odd, as Cats fans will know this part is usually played by a man. However, we think Judi will be great in the role as leader of the Jellicle Cats as Deuteronomy is a well respected and wise old cat.


It has been confirmed that American pop-star and cat lover Taylor Swift will be in the film but we’re not sure what role this will be. We do know she’ll be singing ‘MaCavity the Mystery Cat’ which is performed by Bombalurina and Demeter in the musical meaning she could be playing one of these parts.

Idris Elba will also be in the film as the criminal cat MaCavity whilst Rebel Wilson will be playing the lovable Jennyanydots.

Sir Ian Mckellen will be playing Gus the Theatre Cat - a role we think he’ll be perfect in! And they’re not the only famous faces appearing in the film! James Cordon will be playing Bustopher Jones and Jennifer Hudson will also be starring in the film.


Is there a Cats movie trailer?

There’s not a trailer out at the minute but as soon as it is we’ll let you know.