Lizzy DeningTV, Christmas

Birds of a Feather has been cancelled

Lizzy DeningTV, Christmas
Birds of a Feather has been cancelled

It’s a very sad day for Birds of a Feather fans after ITV announce that the series has been axed after three series. The British sitcom, starring Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph and Pauline Quirke is said to have come to a ‘natural end’ by the broadcaster.

Kevin Lygo, ITV's Director of Television, said: "We had success with Birds of a Feather, that was our most successful sitcom in years, but it's come to a sort of natural end."

The series first aired on the BBC in 1989 and was revived 15 years later in 2014 by ITV. It was recently revealed that the cast and crew could have a crossover series with the popular comedy series Benidorm, but that seems unlikely now.

Speaking previously, Lesley said: "We're waiting to hear what we're going to do. We're not sure at the moment but ITV have loved it and we're all waiting to hear if we're doing another series or a special. I want to go abroad. Linda Robson is queen of the tweets and somebody tweeted her, 'Why don't we do Birds meets Benidorm?' Can you actually imagine 'Birds of a Feather' go to Benidorm? It would just be a match made in heaven."


Birds of a Feather Christmas special 2017!


We remember festive episodes of Birds of a Feather from back in the 1990s, so we’re delighted to see the tradition has resumed.


This year, the one-off feature length special will follow our favourite characters getting up to all sorts of seasonal mischief.


We don’t have much information about the storyline as yet, but from the pictures it looks like a very festive affair – with plenty of silliness thrown in!


Birds of a Feather will air on ITV between 16-22 December, TBC. Pics from ITV.