Big Cats, BBC1

Big Cats, BBC1

It seems we can’t get enough of nature programmes and now, Big Cats is here to fill the hole Blue Planet has left. This three-part series will explore the big cats everyone is familiar with, such as the lion, cheetah and leopard, but also smaller cats, like the very cute Sri Lankan rusty spotted cat.

Using the latest filming technology, Big Cats will allow us to explore the lives of both the most ferocious and most tiny wild cats in the world from the safety of our sofa. The first episode will take us all over the world, from lions in Tanzania to lynx in Canada to a lonely snow leopard in the Himalayas in search of a mate.


And despite the help of technology, it was still a tricky task for the crew to track down and film the notoriously sneaky and mysterious felines, especially when you’re trying to film 31 species of them which has never been achieved before! 

  • You can watch the first episode of Big Cats on BBC1 at 8pm, Thursday 11th January.
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