Alison Steadman joins the Archers

Alison Steadman joins the Archers

We were delighted to hear the much-loved actress, Alison Steadman will be playing a new character in The Archers this week.

Famous for Life is Sweet, Abigail’s Party and more recently, Gavin & Stacey, the actress will be taking on the new radio role of Pat Archer’s friend, Olwen and is set to make her Archers debut Wednesday April 4th.

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Alison has recently revealed that she has been a fan of The Archer’s since she was just seven years-old. “As soon as I heard the end of the music, that was my cue to go up to bed” She told Radio Times.

“When I listened, I’d paint this picture of Ambridge and I always used to think that Phil Archer was the most drop-dead gorgeous guy.”

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We can’t wait to hear Alison on The Archers and hear what her character gets up to in Ambridge later in the month!

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