Alexander Armstrong set to present The Imitation Game

Alexander Armstrong set to present The Imitation Game

We love Alexander on Pointless so we’re very excited to hear he will be appearing on our screens to present a brand new panel show called The Imitation Game, where celebrities impression skills will be put to the test. 

The ITV celebrity panel show will see two teams go head-to-head led by team captains and impressionists, Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson.  Guests will include other famous comedians and impressionists including Alistair McGowan, Jan Ravens, Jon Culshaw, Ronni Ancona, Anil Desai and Britain’s Got Talent’s Jess Robinson. 

Impressionists will be challenged to reenact famous movie scenes as well as iconic news footage from the past as well as making up conversations between some of the world’s most famous faces including a conversation between Donald Trump and Holly Willoughby PLUS Russell Brand flirting with Mary Berry! 

Team captain Rory Bremner said:  “How do you get over 50 characters for the price of 4? Well, you do a panel show with impressionists. There are some brilliant mimics out there and bringing them together to perform challenges will be great fun. I’m very excited to be involved and looking forward to it”