Why we love Mrs Brown's Boys

Why we love Mrs Brown's Boys

All Round to Mrs Brown's 

Fans of Mrs Brown's Boys will be delighted to hear that Agnes is returning to BBC with Cathy Brown for a brand new series! The show will see a whole host of celebrities pop round to Mrs Brown's with their own mammy!

Alongside all the fun and hilarious chat on The Cathy Brown Show, there’ll be surprises from the audience, cooking from Chef Aly, live music from Foley’s pub, plus Agnes shares a drink with Winnie and answers more audience dilemmas.

The show will also feature the Mammy Of The Week Award; Father Trevor and Father Damien offer up their heart-felt Thoughts For The Day and Dermot and Buster return with a new set of flawed celebrity business ventures featuring different celebrity guest each week.

  • The first episode of the new series will air at 9:20pm on Saturday 19th May. 

7 reasons why we love Mrs Brown's Boys

We love Mrs Brown's Boys, and it seems we're not alone - it's just been voted the best sitcom of the 21st century in a poll by the Radio Times! Here are just a handful of the reasons it makes us hoot...

  1.  It reminds us of the comedies we loved as youngsters - the innuendo-laden sitcoms involving hilarious scrapes, from Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em to the Carry On films. As star and writer Brendan O'Carroll says himself: "There is an audience out there that comedy forgot — that Are You Being Served? audience has been left behind. Us winning this award proves that.”
  2. It's filmed in front of a live audience. It might seem old-fashioned, but there's something special about the sound of an audience laughing their socks off - and it's probably why the Mrs Brown's Boys tour was a sell-out.
  3. It's centred around a family. No matter how rude it gets, there's a strong moral core to the programme - about family coming first - which makes us feel warm and fuzzy. 
  4. In fact - much of it IS a real family! Many of the cast are Brendan's friends or family, including his wife Jennifer (who plays Cathy) who you might remember from Strictly Come Dancing. It's lovely seeing how tight-knit they are as a cast, and it really adds to the sense of fun.
  5. It's just a little bit naughty. There are some seriously risque jokes, a heck of a lot of swearing and plenty of knowing looks to camera... and even though we might feel guilty, we can't help but giggle.
  6. It works in many formats. It started life as a radio play, moved to theatre, became a TV show, a live tour and then a big-selling film (Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie) - and we've enjoyed them all.
  7. We'd love to spend the day on set. From the giggles of the cast, to the fact that the kettle's always brewing, we can't help feeling it must be one of the most fun TV studios in the country. And long may it continue!