The best drawing tablets for beginners

Develop a new skill with one of these fantastic and easy-to-use drawing tablets.

by Ryan Gilmore |

Some of the best drawings you can see today weren't created with a pencil, they were made purely on a computer. It's almost unbelievable to look at some of the drawings you can create without ever having to pick up a piece of paper.

By using a drawing tablet and computer program you can select from all sorts of different tools and settings. Choose from endless brushes including watercolour, calligraphy and even chalk. Then there are the limitless colour selections on offer.

Drawing tablets are also mostly inexpensive, so it's never been easier to pick up a tablet and start working on some art.

The freedom to not only draw with any pen, whether it's a fine fountain pen or a thick marker, but also edit your designs however you please, whether that's increasing their size, duplicating sections, or changing colours, the power to create the most amazing designs is at your fingertips.

They also don't require a ton of fancy programs or even the fastest computer to function; simply plug it into your device via a USB, choose one of the many free drawing software available (see below for our top recommendation), and get stuck in.

Of course, there are graphics tablets with screens available, however, it's significantly more expensive to pick up a great graphics tablet with a screen, so for a beginner we'd highly recommend avoiding the pricier options for now. Plus, for our money, we prefer the screenless options.

The best part is, that it's incredibly easy to learn how to use a drawing tablet. In no time you'll be drawing like an expert, especially if you choose one of our top picks perfect for beginners.

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What's the best way to learn how to use one?

Learning how to use a drawing tablet sounds harder than it is. All the tablets listed above are very simple to use with even the most complex only featuring a couple of configurable buttons (you can even ignore these altogether). The best way we've discovered to learn is to practise as much as possible. Even if you're not very good to begin with, if you keep trying, you'll soon pick it up. There are lots of tutorials available online that can help, too.

What else will I need to start drawing?

You'll need a computer program that will allow you to start drawing properly. The majority of these programs are subscription-based, so you'll have to be paid monthly for access. There are some programs that are one-time purchases, however, like Affinity Designer. Adobe Photoshop is pretty well regarded as the definitive tool for graphical design, but it can be a little pricey.

If you're looking to test out your graphics tablet, but don't want to pay the monthly price for an expensive program, check out Krita; a free program that, while it doesn't have all of the exciting functionality of Photoshop, is great to start out with. When your artsy skills improve, we'd suggest upgrading to Photoshop.

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