Aldi Specialbuys Petrol Pressure Washer review

Aldi Specialbuys Petrol Pressure Washer review

Blast through dirt and grime with ease!


Yours Verdict

Product: Aldi Specialbuys Petrol Pressure Washer, available to buy in-store or
Price: £199.99
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)

What they say it does:

Part of the new Workzone Titanium+ range – a premium tier of Aldi tools launched this year, which are benchmarked against the very best brands and deliver exceptional levels of performance and reliability. Aldi Specialbuys Petrol Pressure Washer features a 3.6 litre fuel tank, heavy duty brass pump head, all-terrain wheels, five interchangeable nozzles, plus a suction feature for use with static water (eg water butt or pond).

Key specification:

6m pressure hose
Max 250 bar pressure pump
7HP petrol engine
Flow rate – 9.31L/min

What our reviewer said:

Having spent quite a lot of money improving our garden over the summer months, the last job was to clean the patio slabs that have been in place for about 20 years! They were really black and grimy and spoiled the look of the garden, so they needed a really good scrub. Enter the Aldi Specialbuys Petrol Pressure Washer...

 Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the size of the box (this is quite a sizeable beast), once I had taken the time to read the instructions properly, I felt more reassured and was ready to start. It’s important to mention here that the instructions are very easy to understand, being written in clear English and not translated (badly) from another language as so many of these things are.

 It’s also important to make sure you have all you need to hand before you start – eg: fuel in a 5L petrol can and that, once you have the machine assembled, you must turn the water on before you start or you can damage the pump.

 There are five different nozzles to choose from to do the job you want (cleaning patios, cleaning out wheelie bins, removing grime from sheds or garden walls) – and it’s really easy to attach one as it simply pushes on.

I used our outside tap and garden hose to connect it all up and everything worked together seamlessly. There’s a good long lead supplied on the hose to the engine so it doesn’t restrict your movements.  It’s advised you use detergent specially recommended for pressure washers and I also wore some protective clothing (old jeans and sweatshirt) and googles (if you don’t wear glasses) as it’s surprising the amount of muck and debris thrown up by this powerful machine.

 So, machine assembled, it started up really easily with the choke out and a quick pull on the cord. The power of this cleaner is impressive; my slabs were absolutely filthy but it cut through the grime in seconds, exposing pale red slabs I didn’t know we had! I got quite carried away cleaning and actually really enjoyed it, although it can be quite tiring holding the hose for long periods if you have a large area to clean ,so it’s worth changing hands or taking rests.

 The machine started choking when it began to run out of petrol (it cost me about £6 to fill up a 5L plastic petrol can) and overall it cost approx. £4 to do our 7x33ft patio, not bad for the price. It may well have worked out cheaper if it hadn’t been so dirty as cleaning would have been much quicker.

 The only downside is the noise – but this is only to be expected from a petrol-engine powered device. It’s not unnecessarily noisy – probably equivalent to a petrol lawnmower. You should also keep any pets or small children out of the way for obvious safety reasons.

I found the engine vibrations caused some of the bolts on the feet to come off but that’s probably because they were hand-tightened by me so were a tad loose anyway. It would be a good idea for Aldi to include a small spanner in the box to tighten them when assembling from scratch. The machine is also quite heavy but, once assembled, I found it easy enough to wheel in and out of my shed.

 At £199 it’s not cheap, but it is good quality, does a brilliant job, and is actually an investment if you know you are going to use it again (like a lawnmower) and it should last for years.  

 All in all, a really good buy for a highly effective machine but it’s only available while stocks last so get down to Aldi quick!

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