10 thrifty ways to stay warm this winter

There may be a snowy spell on the way but with these warmth hacks there's no need to sweat about wracking up a huge heating bill.

1. Apply layers

Layering up is a great way to keep out the cold. Get on your old jumper, bundle up in a blanket and get those gloved hands on the remote. Dig out that hot-water bottle for extra warmth.

2. Embrace hat hair

There's no shame in embracing hat hair this month, as by wearing a hat around the house you'll retain more body heat.

3. Open adjoining doors

Keep doors that adjoin rooms wide open, as this will help to circulate heat rather than block it.

4. Shut up

Keep those blinds and curtains closed tight nice and early, this way your house is better insulated.

5. Baking hot

Recycle the heat from your oven by keeping the door slightly ajar for 10 – 15 minutes after you’ve cooked your dinner. Learn how to save money and energy in your kitchen.

6. Shower up

By switching off the extractor fan and leaving the bathroom door open you can apply the same rule to showering. Humid air is warm air. Learn how to reduce condensation on your windows and walls.

7. Get crafty

If you're feeling creative you can achieve a homemade draft excluder with a needle and thread, some old material, some tights and stuffing. Try making this easy draft excluder.

8. Make warmers

Makeshift hand warmers couldn’t be easier. Fill a pair of old socks with uncooked rice and tie up the ends, then place them in the microwave for a minute or two and voila, hand and bed warmers. Make this gorgeous bear hand warmer.

9. Don't over-do it

They say it's not good to go food shopping when hungry, and the same rule applies for setting the heating when you're cold. Go two degrees lower than your first setting, you'll probably find that's still plenty. Learn how to run your heating efficiently.

10. Be social

The best way of all to save is by not heating your house at all. So to achieve that warm fuzzy feeling by getting out of the house and visit loved ones - stealing their lovely heat is merely a bonus.