Top tips to get your car winter ready

Top tips to get your car winter ready
  1. Check all your lights and keep them clean to keep them bright. Make sure that all your lights are working properly, including headlights, indicators, brake lights and reverse lights. Ask someone to watch from outside of your car as you check each light. It’s a good idea to carry a spare set of bulbs just in case.
  2. Don’t wait until it’s fully dark before you put your lights on. Not only will they help you to see properly but they will also help other road users see you when the light is failing.
  3. Take sunglasses with you. We tend to only take sunglasses with us in the warmer months but even as the temperature cools, the sun can still be very bright in the sky. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car so that you can avoid getting dazzled by the sun.
  4. Check your windscreen wipers are in good working order and that the water is topped up. Remember to top up the anti-freeze. You will still need to keep your windows clean and as the temperature drops overnight your screen wash is more likely to freeze. Top it up soon before it’s too late.
  5. Keep your windows clear. Allow extra time to de-mist your windows before you set off, so that your field of vision is clear.
  6. Stock up on de-icer and get a scraper so that you can clear ice and snow from your car.
  7. Watch out for icy and slippery road surfaces. Cold and damp conditions can make roads more treacherous. Take your time and ensure the speed you are driving at is appropriate for the road conditions.
  8. Look closely for cyclists and other road users at junctions. The light will be poorer in the mornings and evenings, making it more difficult to see others on the road.
  9. Keep your tyres inflated. Check your tyre pressure and ensure your tyres are properly inflated to the correct levels for your car. Halfords Autocentres is offering free tyre checks. Find out more here.
  10. Check your water, oil and brake fluid levels. Make sure they are all topped up, to keep your engine running smoothly.

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