Top tips for having a budget night in

Top tips for having a budget night in

1. Cook your own takeaway

Not only is it cheaper but it’s healthier too. There are plenty of delicious recipes online for homemade curry, pizza and Chinese stir fry without spending a fortune. Leftovers and store cupboard favourites can all be used if you’re really strapped for cash. Try our delicious takeaway recipes here.

2. Use catch-up TV

Avoid cashing out for online streaming or DVD rental services when most of the major catch-up services are entirely free and filled with great films and TV shows. All you need is some internet and away you go.

3. Wrap up warm

It’s cold outside which means our first instinct is to whack the heating on full blast. But if you’re having a night in front of the telly make it cosy with fleecy blankets and you might not need the heating.

4. Learn a new dance

You and your friends could have a great night in by pushing the sofa back and learning a new dance routine. Turn the music up loud and find a good tutorial online and you’ll all be pros in no time!

5. Bring-a-course dinner party

Why not host your own dinner party with a group of friends and each of you bring a course. Good company, good food, what could be better? Read our top tips for hosting a dinner party for less here.

6. Use candles

A great night in is made even better by switching off the lights and lighting some candles. Whether you’re having a romantic night in or are hosting a dinner party you’ll save money on your electricity bill and create a great mood.

7. Provide homemade snacks

A bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate sound cheap but you’re actually paying a lot for food you could do yourself. Try slicing and roasting your own potatoes for some delicious fries or make some quick and easy flapjack using those porridge oats that have been sat in the cupboard for months. Check out our review of the Chef’n PopTop popcorn maker here.

8. Play retro games

Nothing screams a good night in like a classic board game. Don’t save your favourites for Christmas when a  game of Scrabble or Monopoly creates hours of enjoyment and can be used time and time again. Or why not get the cards out for a good-old fashioned game of rummy or whist.

9. Create your own spa

Create the perfect ‘chill’ night by lighting some candles, putting some soft music on and indulge in your own spa. Indulge in a hot bath or create your own foot spa by popping your feet in a basin of warm soapy water… Lush. Check out how to raid your kitchen cupboard for your beauty routine here.

10. Work-out video

If your local Zumba class is full or if you and your friends can’t quite afford the pilates club at the gym then why not create your own. Put some yoga mats down and search for a qualified teacher online and you’ll have your very own gym.