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Top ten winter highlights

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Top ten winter highlights

Research shows that over half (56%) of Brits surveyed have even been on a night out in winter (e.g. a meal, drinks or the cinema) and wished they’d stayed at home instead. When asked what they dislike most about winter, over half (55%) of women surveyed said that the wet weather was their biggest bugbear followed by the dark mornings (38%), dark nights (37%) and the cold weather (35%).

Below is the list of what British women love about winter.

  1. Cosy nights in: 45% said the best part of winter was having a blanket on the sofa and staying tucked under for the remainder of the evening.
  2. Comfort food: 29% said they enjoyed curling up with a bowl of their favourite comfort food.
  3. Roaring open fires: 21% looked forward to warming their feet by the fire.
  4. Long hot soaks: 20% enjoyed soaking in hot baths and drying off with fluffy towels
  5. Relaxing: 16% just wanted to sit and relax with a hot drink.
  6. Snow: 16% said that the perfect winter day was one with snow.
  7. Knitwear: 12% of women revealed that their favourite part of winter was wearing comfortable and woolly clothes.
  8. Winter accessories: 11% said they looked forward to wearing hats, scarves and gloves when the weather became chilly.
  9. Snuggling up in bed: 10% of British women said that the best part of winter was getting to stay in bed longer when the clocks went back.
  10. Finding your fluffiest pair of pyjamas: 9% just wanted an excuse to wear their warmest pair of pjs.

The independent research company, Censuswide, carried out the research in September 2015 and 1,000 respondents were surveyed to find out what women enjoyed most from September to December. Information is courtesy of Cotton USA the global brand of U.S. cotton. For more information please visit www.cottonusa.co.uk.

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