The UK’s best city to live in is revealed

The UK’s best city to live in is revealed

Edinburgh residents are blessed with having the best city to live in the UK, based on quality of life. As well as offering stunning architecture and a thriving cultural scene, the Scottish capital has the highest average annual salary of £25,543 (outside of London), while benefitting from a low cost of living, low rents and low crime, according to a new Quality of Living Index 2015.

There are many reasons for British city-dwellers to be happy

The annual report, compiled by MoneySuperMarket, focussed on 12 of our biggest cities and seven factors including general life satisfaction; the cost of renting; cost of living; disposable income; average salary; unemployment and general life satisfaction.

Belfast comes in second place, primarily because it has the second-lowest unemployment rate. The Northern Irish capital also has the highest life satisfaction score of all the 12 cities surveyed. This is despite having the lowest average salary of £18,765.

The Welsh capital of Cardiff takes bronze position, with the cheapest weekly living costs of £384.60 - compared to an average of £402.95 across the 12 cities, as well as an above average amount of disposable income.

Birmingham takes the bottom spot this year, let down in five out of seven Quality of Life indicators. Birmingham also has the lowest disposable income of £13,575 a year per person against a UK average of £17,559.

Kevin Pratt, Consumer Finance Expert at MoneySuperMarket, says: "Overall, the UK's largest cities perform well in the Quality of Living index. While in some cases, salaries have fallen slightly and the cost of living has risen, hitting some cities hard, life satisfaction scores are generally higher across the board compared to last year.

"What’s more, these cities have benefited from falling unemployment, a decrease in rent and a rise in disposable income over the last year. Added to this, property prices are on the rise again, so many home owners are seeing their properties increase in value. So there are many reasons for British city-dwellers to be happy, not just those living in Edinburgh."

Top 12 cities to live

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Belfast
  3. Cardiff
  4. Leeds
  5. Sheffield
  6. Bradford
  7. Bristol
  8. Glasgow
  9. Manchester
  10. Liverpool
  11. London
  12. Birmingham
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