More than half of Brits are embarrassed by their homes

More than half of Brits are embarrassed by their homes

Dated décor, unfinished DIY, mess and even the small size of people’s homes mean 60 per cent of us are left cringing when we have visitors over.

Red-faced homeowners even admitted to keeping guests out of certain rooms or even leaving them on the doorstep to avoid them seeing the state of their home.

It also emerged seven in ten Brits worry they will never get their home to a point where they are no longer ashamed by it.

Lack of money and time

A spokesperson for mouldable glue Sugru, which commissioned the research, said: “When you first move into a house, most people will have ideas of how they want to improve it or make it more of the home they want.

“But a lack of time, money and a fear of complicated DIY tools mean many struggle to see all, or even any of these plans through. As a result, there are a large number of us living in a house we aren’t happy with. Sometimes, all it can take is a few minor changes here and there to at least improve your home to get it to a state where you are no longer embarrassed by it."

And while one in four are only really worried about one room or area of their house, more than half say there are several rooms which they are unhappy with. But just over a fifth of us (21 per cent) feel embarrassed about the entire house.

DIY delays

General mess and untidiness is most likely to be the cause of our home humiliation, followed by having a host of DIY jobs which need doing, specifically old, dated kitchen units.

Cracked walls and ceilings and old-fashioned carpets completed the top five.

However, researchers found that 88 per cent would feel less embarrassed about the state of their home if they could redecorate it or at least get around to sorting just some of their outstanding DIY jobs.

Following the launch of their Domestic Ninja  campaign, a spokesperson for Sugru added: “DIY doesn’t have to be about power tools and week-long projects. Reorganising stuff room by room, fixing things that you’ve just learned to live with and repurposing old things can be an easy and fun way of slowly turning a house into a home.”

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Top 20 things we feel most embarrassed about

  1. It’s messy
  2. There are lots of DIY jobs which need starting
  3. Dated kitchen units
  4. Cracked walls and/or ceilings
  5. Dated carpets
  6. It needs completely redecorating
  7. There's lots of clutter and rubbish lying around
  8. Faded or peeling paintwork
  9. Dirty/stained carpets
  10. Dated or shabby wallpaper
  11. It’s too small
  12. There are patches of mould
  13. Bad/anti-social neighbours
  14. There are lots of half-done DIY jobs which need finishing
  15. Patchy lawns
  16. It smells of my pets, cigarettes etc
  17. Overgrown gardens
  18. Old, broken furniture
  19. Bold or garish colour schemes
  20. It’s a bad area
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