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Have an alternative Christmas

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Have an alternative Christmas

Once you reach a certain age, Christmas might not always be something to look forward to. The festive time of year can bring a lot of stress and as a result, Christmas can become something people dread. A Virgin Trains survey found that one in five of us actually hate Christmas for a whole range of reasons, so we’ve put together some clever ways you can celebrate an alternative Christmas to avoid those traditions you may not be a huge fan of.



The countdown to Christmas begins, and as well as all the Christmas decorations in the shops and supermarkets, you can expect to hear the constant repetitive Christmas music being played everywhere you go. Virgin trains actually found that 88 per cent of us hate early Christmas music more than wrapping presents!

To avoid everything you dislike about advent, try doing a reverse advent calendar. Rather than receiving a treat for yourself each day of advent, why not treat someone else who may be struggling at this time of year? Choose some local charities to donate advent gifts to, and ask what they would like to receive for advent and find 24 treats that would make a difference to those who have nothing at Christmas.

Christmas day


If you’re facing a Christmas day alone this year, it doesn’t have to be as lonely as you think. There are plenty of things happening on Christmas day that you can get involved with. Helping the salvation army to feed the homeless a Christmas dinner not only means you will have a day surrounded by people, but you will also be left feeling warm inside, knowing you have made someone else’s day merry and bright. There are also other charities that are desperate for your help at Christmas, such as animal shelters and soup kitchens.  

Christmas dinner


With 62 per cent of us admitting to not being fans of Brussel sprouts, it’s no surprise many of us aren’t fans of the traditional Christmas dinner. So why not mix things up by treating yourself and the family to something different for dinner this Christmas? Instead of forcing down the turkey and veg, why not make your favourite food? After all, it is Christmas! Whether that’s fish and chips, a delicious curry or just changing to a different meat, the dinner doesn’t always have to be a traditional one!

Treat yourself


Rather than running around for everyone else, use Christmas as a time for you. Put on that film you’ve always wanted to watch or catch up on any series you may have missed in the busy lead up to Christmas. Christmas day is often the best day to go out and be active, as not many people will be out an about in their cars. Take the time between Christmas and new year to relax and unwind in whatever way you like, and in the new year, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the year to come.