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DIY hacks that could save hours on your home improvements

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DIY hacks that could save hours on your home improvements
  1. Avoid painting screws and keyholes (and causing a bit of a sticky situation) by covering them with Vaseline first.
  2. Did you know you can use onions to absorb paint fumes? A tablespoon of vanilla extract will also help dull the smell of paint with heavy fumes.
  3. Catch paint drops by attaching a container lid to your brush on the handle (you'll just need to cut a hole out of the lid) so no more splatter.
  4. Use aluminium foil to protect taps and other awkward objects while painting.
  5. Before painting metal, wipe it down with vinegar to keep the paint from peeling.
  6. Soak gunky paintbrushes in hot vinegar for 30 minutes to clean them. It'll help them last a lot longer
  7. For an antique “shabby chic” look on your chairs, doors or tables, rub a candle over the wood.
  8. Put your paintbrush in the fridge to keep it soft for use the next day without having to clean it.
  9. Place a bin bag over the toilet tank so you can paint around it easily.
  10. Use tape to paint a door and protect the hinges.
  11. Use a lint roller to take the fuzz off your paint roller before you start painting.
  12. Cover your paint tray in a plastic bag and never bother with cleaning it again!
  13. Store a paint roller in a plastic bag inside a Pringles can for extra convenience.
  14. Attach magnetic strips to your wall to store clips, nail tools, tweezers and more.
  15. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter for more reflective light.
  16. Make easy pantry dividers with tension rods for extra storage.
  17. Use drawer knobs as hooks on your wall.
  18. Make a rug anti-slip by coating the bottom with acrylic latex caulk.
  19. Paint old vases with enamel to fix them up and brighten up your house.
  20. Make a giant photo mural in your house by blowing up a single picture and printing it in panels.
  21. Use wood pallets as an affordable and great looking headboard.
  22. Tie extension cords together before you connect them so they won’t easily come apart.
  23. Attach an old rake to the wall as a wine glass holder.
  24. Glue a magnet on the bottom of a hammer to store extra nails.
  25. Ensure a saw cuts more easily by rubbing soap on the blade before you start.
  26. Rub a walnut on a scratched wooden surface to make scratches less visible.

Thanks to Dickies Store for sharing their tips

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